My uncommon but amazing E-Stim set up (Work's only with foreskin)

Hello and sorry for the bad drawing!

I just wanted to share my E-Stim step up, which after years of practise works best for me.
I basically found a way to stimulate all the pleasurable spots and avoid, that the stimulation is
painfull or unpleasant.

What you need:
You basically need:
4 pads,
1 rope (I always use electrical CONDUCTIVE FLEXIBLE! rope, I am not sure if it works with a normal NOT CONDUCTIVE ROPE),
1 E-Stim device (Coyote from DG-Labs is amazing! and comparatively pretty cheap)
and of course wires.

How to arrange it:

  1. Take the flexible rope and bond it that way, that some foreskin stands out (This is where you will later stick 2 pads on.).
    The rope should be on the outside of your penis, the rope helps that the glands doesn’t get stimulated too strong. (Be carefull not to cut off the blood flow, you should also not wear this for too long)
  2. put 2 pads on the foreskin at the top of your penis, and the other 2 on the bottom side of the shaft like in the picture.
  3. Link the wires to the channels, make sure that the 2 pads on the top of your penis are NOT! the same channel (Or you have a short circuit).
  4. Make sure to slowly increase the power of your device, because this setup can get strong pretty easily, also with little power.

that looks like cancer, sadly i dont have foreskin so i couldn’t try this even if i wanted to lmao i just do simple loop around base of glans and one around balls and shaft at bottom

thats my set up configuration on cock
erostek et312 threephase

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Out of curiosity can this work if you are only using 1 channel?

Yes, it works good also with only 1 channel. Just put the +channel on the foreskin at the tip and the
-channel on the shaft. Or vice versa. Enjoy! :slight_smile: