Naughty america scripts whats the script ? :)

I have a Handy and a Naughty America subscription, i thought they supported the handy but when i login you need that crappy “feelme” app and handy doesnt use that does it/

Handy does not work with the FeelMe app. That is a proprietary Kiiroo application, and only works with their toys AND with scripts prepared through their outlet (not .funscripts).

Naughty America was dabbling in the Handy script market at one point. I think there were around two dozen (fairly new) scenes that they had scripted. These are different scripts from the ones that were scripted for FeelMe, which are older scenes from the last time they dabbled in scripting. I subscribed just to check them out, and IMO the quality just wasn’t there. I let my subscription expire after that.

At the time I was subscribed it DID work as it was supposed to work, but I understand that they’ve had technical issues since, and that the Handy scripts have been up and down a few times. I’m afraid I don’t have first-hand knowledge of what’s going on over there, why there are issues, or whether they will eventually be re-posted.

Sorry to disappoint! I was pretty disappointed with the script quality myself. For NAVR scripts, the best option still remains purchasing high-quality scripts from (I bought a few over there recently too, and the quality was excellent, as it always is).

Good luck!

(Full disclosure, I’m a scripter, mostly for SLR, but I don’t have any inside knowledge on what’s happening at NAVR, nor did I write any of the NAVR scripts available at RealSync.)

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Roger that bbb,

i have a 12mth subs and was just looking , as you say custom made ones are best, but unfortunately realsync suffers from a lack of payment options in the UK.
Especially for someone for whom a Bitcoin might as well be a raisin.



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you can use an amazon gift card to pay from the uk.

Yeah, I know they’re doing all they can to take payments. It’s a difficult problem to solve because the only processors that will work in this industry take a huge chunk of revenue in fees. Everyone wishes it was a better situation.

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i have keon and NA have now billions handy videos. dont pay extra what not work. its easy convert handy to feelme!? im sure its some handy promote they not do it free lol. who will invent handy connector that connect to feelme/feelconnect or script player lol then naughty america get 9 bucks more lol. who invent script ripper from stream so we have allthose scripts here i mean those automated scripts lol

Well, the scripts are made by the Handy team so it would be a little weird if they wanted to promote other devices. Remember that posting other people’s scripts withoit their consent is not allowed here.

Manchilds behaving like there is not enough free scripts already…