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Naughty america scripts

Hi does anyone know how to download the scripts that Naughty America have on their site, i have a subscription but cant download the scripts?

they might be stream only. And according to some at the moment not that good (not my opinion i havent tested them yet so i cant say).

Oh right, i know some from a few years back were rubbish but i thought the new ones were ok, cheers anyway

In Summer I tried a few scripts and you had the choice to either stream the scripts or to download them. For now they seem to be stream only.
My problem now is, I only get the ‘Handy’ option for the Lily Lane VR Scene. I know there where a few more but they’re not showing for me…

Yes it’s a bit naff the NA site, great videos but the site navy is very hit and miss

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For Quaresma23:
There is a pull down sort for VR videos and then next to it you can sort by Sex Toy Synced.

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I never noticed that! Thanks!

NAVR free scripts are download-able again. Yeah!

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How’s the quality of the scripts - IIRC they were reported as pretty bad when they started?

As far as I can tell, the files are there and you can download them. The only trouble is, they are essentially empty outside of a couple lines. There is nothing to them. The device gets no reaction and when you open them up, there is no movements, heat map, or anything.

I’m on a keon but I’ve never had trouble with scripts up til this point.

I downloaded them manually but it gives me “Invalid Funscript Format” after downloading the video and playing them in DeoVr. I made sure they have the same file name as well . Anyone getting similar results? (they are pretty empty just like Cwd mentioned)

edit: the scripts work when the video is played in virtual desktop on the NA website after connecting handy, however fullscreen or a 180 view doesnt work

edit 2: works fully in oculus browser without going into oculus link, but not in HQ… would be interesting to see if its possible to convert them somehow so we can play them locally?

i remember reading somewhere they wanted to create downloadable scripts that couldnt be pirated and could be tied to a subscription–that these scripts, when loaded into whatever app would phone home to a server, and then the actual .funscript file stored in the server would be downloaded to your device, not the one on your hard drive. I think TheHandy folks are behind it, but I’m not sure. Try testing it on that device.