Naughty America's Full List of The Handy Scripted Scenes

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If you already have a Naughty America subscription, we hope you’ve been enjoying these scenes and The Handy experience!


Having a Kiiroo Keon, I feel like I’d be willing to pay some amount of money to buy those scripts since I already have the videos. Do you know if there are any options that maybe will be available in the future to buy those scripts? I’m thinking of a way similar to SLR’s way to sell either the video, the script or both.

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We appreciate the feedback, and will make sure to let you know if this will be available in the future.

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Can the scripts be downloaded or are they only available for streaming?
My internet connection is too slow, I can’t watch videos online.


You are able to download the script, however each script has an expiration date, at which you will need to download the file again. In order to play downloaded scripts you will need to use the files in an officially supported site, at this time: Handyverse will work. All scripts require a new download every 90 days. Note: Download options will always require an internet connection to be utilized.

You can find additional FAQs here.

Paying 25$ in addition to the normal subscription to only have a “rental” of the scripts… no thanks.
I prefer to buy my scripts on sexlikereal, realsync or gumroad… at least they belong to me without time limit…


@handyAlexander has recently said the exact opposite: that the funscripts won’t expire until the subscription does

I am also a Kiiroo Keon owner. I have been a subscriber to NaughtyAmerica for many, many years. I love the content. I love the selection of actors. I love the themed videos (Naughty Weddings is one of my favorites). The Kiiroo Keon is a relatively new purchase for me (less than one year).

I spend $ every month buying 3rd party scripts, and I especially seek out those featuring scenes from NaughtyAmericaVR. I am also considering directly commissioning script creators to make scripts for some of my favorite NaughtyAmericaVR scenes. The fact that there are over 100 fan-created scripts for NaughtyAmericaVR scenes available on this site shows the loyalty of the fans.

I like my Keon, and I am not interested in changing to the Handy. I also use a Quest2 for my VR, and that limits which apps I can use effectively. If NaughtyAmerica were to launch a custom app for the Quest 2 which allows access to scripts, that would be great. Alternatively, if there is an option to purchase scripts, that would be wonderful. I would certainly prefer the ability to purchase the scripts, but simply being able to use them online with the combination of Kiiroo Keon and Quest 2 would be fantastic.


@DreamLover @handyAlexander

Why can some NA scenes be found on Handy index but not on this list?

Why haven’t there been updates with new scenes for almost 3 months now?!

More scripts on the way:-)

New scripted videos have been added to Naughty America and Tonight’s Girlfriend!