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NaughtyAmericaVR has joined Scripting community

Thoug, I haven’t tested the Scripts yet, i just noticed that obviously NaughtyAmerica has startet to provide funscripts for their new videos since about 4 weeks. You can connect the Handy when watching a stream of a synced vid but you alos can download the funscript. You just have to be careful with file-naming, cause the downloads always get a dummy name.


Gotta love all these sites getting in on funscripts! Imagine in 20 years fully animatronic sex dolls following super advanced scripts.

in 20 years there will probably be sex robots that can act like humans and respond acordingly based on user feedback while having sex with them

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I am trying to calculate the amount of viagra i would need in 20 years to get him up again :stuck_out_tongue:


no need, just step in the de-aging chamber. 2050, here we come! XD

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Great hint with the new scripts from there. THey also have feelme Scripts for a lot of 2D clips. Is it possible to get them and convert them to funscripts?

Anyone have any feedback on the quality of their new scripts?

Hate to say it guys, but their scripts as of right now are pretty bad. I didn’t think scripts could be worse than the old school metas, but I stand corrected.

And I’m not saying that just because I sell scripts. Scripts from the community and paid scripts are miles better than what NA is providing.


The script I tried was basically like a default pattern turned on and off depending if there’s sex, it bore no relation to what was happening specifically in terms of the action. If we had scripts in like 1990, they’d be like this.


Maybe one day they’ll learn to pay dedicated scripters and community members to get their quality up like the awesome scripters here.

I tested the official scripts from NaughtyAmericaVR for:


and in my opinion they are the current very bottom of joy to play in comparison to free eroscript community scripts. Pick a script for a NAVR scene here from the forum and you are worlds (!) above the joy i got with the official scripts from NAVR site. :frowning:

The reason for my opionen is based on tests with a osr2 / Multifunplayer and DeoVR. The scripts are for me most of the time not on point of movement/action. The pure up and down movement feels not real. I unfortunately have no immersion with this script versions. :frowning: Hope someone will improve or do his/her magic on better versions of the scripts. Especially the scene itself with Halow West is hot.

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It’s sad that some studios seems to try ruining the first interactive experience for newcomers due to bad scripts. It’s like these studios are asking for failure. There’s a reason for why most companies spend much time and effort on product launches. A bad launch can hurt sales for a long long time and this isn’t any different. The only difference is that people might skip the interactive part with their new devices due to their first bad experience, which creates less demand for scripts and the downward spiraling is on. :frowning:


could not agree more!

I remember trying these when I first got my Launch - they were not great

Don’t want to be unfair with the creators of the script over at NAVR site. Have enhanced me review with why i’m not satisfied with the official scripts.

After a look on the Heatwaves i can say, that the NAVR Scripts are NOT simply “action on/off” scripts, although it is true, that the quality in comparison to the scripts provided by the community scripters on this platform is way poorer. But alltogether i consider the NAVR scripts way better, than the old meta.-scripts from wankzVR for example. After all, it’s good to see the thing evolving :slight_smile:

I noticed that NA are active on the oculusnsfw reddit and are very eager for all feedback on their scripts, good and bad. They’d really appreciate hearing everything that’s being said here and it will help them improve.

have to admit though, i would love to try that harlow west script :stuck_out_tongue:

Truly do hope that NA ups their game and gets a legit scriptor. NA is one of my favorite studios because of their Friday Foursomes (going strong for over 2 years every Friday!!!). Hopefully they will see the value of pro scripts soon enough.

I registered right when I saw the topic popping up and also felt like the scripts aren’t very well made. It was a bit of a letdown for sure… I gotta admit I was pretty hyped when I saw that they are providing scripts on their own site. For now I canceled my membership. If NA provides better quality scripts on a regular basis I’m in.