Navigating with Rudderpedals

When I first started scripting, I always found it a bit annoying to constantly switch from the number pad to the arrow keys to navigate. After a few failed attempts, I found a way that I would now like to share with you.

Navigating with Rudderpedals.
What do you need:

Install JoyToKey. Create a new profile and call it something like “Openfunscripter”.

In Options set the Stick/POV to “Stick x2+POVx1”

In settings, “Associate Profiles with Target Application” create an Entry for Openfunscripter and Associate the OFS.exe with the Openfunscripter-Profile. (This step is optional. You only need it, if you want JTK to switch the Profile automaticly, when you open OFS.)

Now you can set your Functions to your pedals. In “Joystick 1”, set “Stick1:<-” to right Arrow key and activate Auto Repeat to 5 times per Second.
Do the same for “Stick1:^” but set Function to Left Arrow Key.

For “Stick2:->” and “Stick2:<-“ do the same, but set the Auto Repeat to 20 times a Second.

If you did everything right, you can now navigate with your feet. Pressing/Breaking with the Left Pedal moves you backwards slow. Pressing/Breaking with the Right Pedal moves you forward slow. Pushing the Left Pedal forward moves you back fast, Pushing the Right Pedal, moves you back fast. You can always increase the “Auto Repeat” if it is to slow for you, but I find 5 and 20 to be the perfect Numbers for scripting Frame by frame. :blush: You still can use the normal Arrowkeys, for navigating more precise.

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If you only have “normal” driving pedals, you could try to set the pedals to buttons directly in OFS. Since my method uses the pedals’ axis as input, JoyToKey is mandatory, since OFS does not recognize the axis as a button, and only buttons can be assigned directly.

And Yes, you can use the pedals in many other programs to increase your productivity. I use them as additional input in other games. Why not? The feet are otherwise just standing around. It takes a little getting used to, but once you get used to it, it’s really very comfortable. :wink:


This is amazing and really drives the point home (I’ll show myself out)

A good useful excuse to use a driving wheel set now lol

You have to try scripting with a flight yoke! It feels like you’re grabbing her waist/grabbing his waist and pushing him inside her! A whole new level of realism/immersion. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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