Need help finding a certain SFM/Blender video - Updated

I am asking for help in finding a 3D SFM or Blender video I had a few years ago. I remember few useful searchable details so maybe someone here will recognize what I do know. The basic premise of the video was a male laying down or restrained in a dark room or environment. A thick tentacle-like appendage appears but not the penetrating kind. This was hollow or at least it moved enough that it slides over his dick like inserting into an onahole and proceeds to do its thing for a few minutes. The tentacle’s approach and technique was a bit ebb and flow. The tentacles had a distinctive color and appearance and I found another video which looks a lot like the tentacles. I have spent several days on and off going through my videos and I might have deleted it and I have been unable to find it online. Any help would be appreciated.

Tentacle reference video:


Ok well this happens a lot to me. I spend a ton of time trying to find something and when I finally give up and ask for help I find it. I remember my copy to be a bit longer and with sound. Would anyone have have that copy of this video?

Replying to my own post with a solution lol.

Man there is something about tentacle docking that seems to really motivate me.
I found and contracted the creator and he gave me his source copy along with other works of his :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’m going to try to script this. It will be my first one.

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