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Need help with VR advice

so I want to use an SR6 with oculus rift for vr interactive content, but don’t know how to go about this. first off is there a way I could use my SR6 with vr porn? Second what type of subscriptions should I get, I was thinking of just getting a lifetime membership to SLR, but I don’t know if I could just download the video and use the script in combination; don’t want to stream. If I go the SLR route its less of a hassle. The other option I think would be to get a bunch of subscriptions and download vids, as wells as scripts off of ero. Don’t know if I should choose ERO or SLR; what are the quality of sripts for both? Next if I am going to get a bunch of subscription, which ones should I get; I want to download as much content as posable. Basicly my ulamate goal here is to build a lifetime collection of porn for GOOD.

Im not an expert on the SR6 but from what I understand it can use any funscript. In regards to where you should get your scripts from I would say start here with the free ones.

The quality is generally pretty high here as most hobby scripters take pride in there work. If you enjoy yourself then there are a few sites with scripts worth checking out.

CzechVR has a lot of scripts included in your sub and the quality is pretty good. The older scripts were done by realcumber who is one of the best out there. These can be downloaded and kept.

SLR has a lot of scripts. There video and script package allows free video downloads (30 a month I think) plus unlimited streaming including scripts. You also get 3 scripts a month you can download and keep. Again the scripts on SLR are top notch in quality. You can also purchase any script outright and its yours to keep forever.

Naughty America has a scripts bundle but they only work with the handy and while you can download the scripts they are more of an access token for the handyfeeling site. As you done get the actual funscript file I dont know if it will work with the SR6. The tokens may also expire if you are no longer subbed.

Wankz has a bunch of scripts for there older video’s. Quality is highly variable and they stopped doing them about 2 years ago. A lot of them are now on SLR and the scripts on there are updated to higher quality.


quiffed answered most of your questions. But i wanted to add some info, as you have the best toy available you will quickly notice if the script isnt accurate.

When you choose to download some free ones from here download them from different scripters as quality can differ a lot, also check how they are made preferably frame by frame. or at least edited afterwards if it is done by ai or on the fly.

If you go for czechVR quiffed is right the older (first 200 or so) scripts are of better quality as they where made by one of the most experienced scripters out there.

SLR has top quality scripts that you can buy and download. But when your using a sub its unlimited streaming and 3 script downloads a month. for vids its unlimited streaming and 30 vids download every 72 hours.

But quiffed forgot to mention another quality option. Realsync is a script shop where you could buy quality scripts and as they are not linked to any site they can produce scripts for all. downsite if not living in america it cryptocoins only.

NA is streaming only they where made by the handy AI scripting tool and they are in my opinion a lot worse then the other options above (most of the points are between 50-150ms to soon or to late) if you pay attention you will notice it also stroke depth is wrong clearly visible 60-70% depths where scripted 100% the whole time (and yes we scripters tend to make stroke depths a bit longer but mostly on shallow penetrations) I got my hands on a script from them to check it yesterday and it was worse then i had expected even to the point where the stroke went up while it should’ve been down.

I wouldnt even mention wankz as they where awful.

As i said you have the best toy so if i where you i would not go for the last two options its a waste of your toy.

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Thanks this helped, but if I’m not getting a lifetime membership to SLR and I’m choosing to download scripts off of ero what subscriptions should I get(which ones do you have); I want to download as much as possible to pair with a free scripts from ero. I also want to know if by any chance you have an SLR membership, what are the quality of scripts and how would I use SLR scrips with the SR6?

first of all i would never do a lifetime membership myself , i like to switch, most of the times i either have a monthly or three months sub on occasions a yearly, The longest i had a membership was i think for two years with a monthly membership on SLR before i became a scripter for them.

A membership i have at the moment is VRbangers but when it expires i will switch again probably czechVR (or if they start to produce many VR scenes maybe brazzerz).

For you i would check how many free scripts there are for each site, but i would start with a sentinel or husky scripts as they tend to be good so you can feel the difference between good ones and maybe not so good ones.

As i am a scripter posting on SLR i have a membership for SLR but would also kept it if i hadnt become a scripter as it is a network site you have acces to many studios SLR, VRbangers virtualrealporn, realjam (which is my favo studio of the moment) and vrhush to name but a few. some great others, small but for everyone there is something you will like.

SLR and Realsync have the highest quality scripts as they are led by two people that have a lot of experience scripting. On SLR all our scripts go through quality control to make sure they are timing wise accurate (you dont wanna know how many times i had to re-edit my first few scenes simply because they weren’t good enough). And i think the same goes for realsync. (but they are almost all single axis, multiaxis scripts are almost only free ones here).

I dont have a SR6 so i do not know if connecting that to SLR is as easy as the Handy.
But you can check this link How To Connect Your 147+ Sex Toys For Interactive 2D and VR! (Including the HANDY, Fleshlight LAUNCH, Kiiroo KEON, VORZE, LOVENSE, and more) Step by Step Guide with Pictures!) - #64 by rporn it should be the same as the osr.

If you don’t want to buy scripts then SLR or POVR are good options for a variety of scenes you can get. I would say probably POVR because of their WankzVR/MilfVR library that has quite a few free scripts. If you plan on getting script subscription on or buy scripts on SLR then SLR is a good option and will work well for a lot of free scripts too. Either way both sites are great option for you.

Next in line: BadoinkVR/ VRCosplayX / Naughty America/ Virtual Taboo, but it mostly depends on what type of porn you prefer and if you want to get the most free scripts or not out of it.

The only site I would avoid is vrporn because they had tendency to encode their videos in a weird way so they sometimes didn’t match the scripts. Could be not true anymore, but it’s worth mentioning.

Btw SLR scripts are amazing and you should totally get them if you plan on buying scripts at some point.

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thanks this was informative; I would want to pick up a lifetime membership because: first its cheaper( 1 year= 340$/ lifetime =999$(3 years=life time) second because I don’t want to keep hopping around on month to month subscription). Although if I choose to just download free vr scripts form euro/realsync, I will probably just keep getting a monthly subscription, rack up on vids and scripts, then move to the next site and do the same.
btw: prices are high because I live in Canada(for SLR I was referring to the script pack)

yea those look so hot

I am almost into everything; I am one horny mother fucker. furry stuff tho not my jam

do you know any subscriptions that come as like pack kind of like vrporn; helps save money. but thanks did not know that about vrporn

SLR and POVR are the ones I know of and can highly recommend both. Keep in mind that the script subscription on SLR gives you only 3 script downloads a month and you have to stream the videos otherwise. I remember they promised to add the functionality of streaming scripts with local videos, but not sure where they are at it. If you have good internet connection you should be good to go, otherwise it might be better if you buy scripts separately for now and wait till they add this function. For offline playback with scripts both sites (SLR and POVR) are the best options for now. You might want to try both for a month and see which one fits you more.

ok thanks this helped

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