Need suggestions for a good stand alone VR headset that will work easily with Handy

I have a handy and a gear VR. I am having difficulty getting things set up to run the handy using my gear VR. Script player has a video interface that requires Samsung VR with presentation mode turned on. But Samsung VR (XR) is no longer being supported and in order to get so that I can set presentation mode I have to have a Samsung XR account. They won’t let me create an account because they are no longer supporting it.


Well next step is to get a stand alone headset that can interface with the Handy easily. I don’t want to have to spend 100 hours trying to figure things out, only to find out that the headset I just bought is no longer supporting what I want to do.

Any suggestions for a nice quality stand alone VR headset that will work with the Handy in some way that is easy to set up?

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Try this method first through SLR/Deovr app @cane-man - They support Every VR headset:

Step by Step Tutorial Fully Updated! - to Connect the above Sex Toys for ALL PC and Mobile Devices and ALL VR Headsets - Including using FREE Full Length Test Scripts!

If you cant find SLR app in the app store - Download Deovr , and type in in the browser to basically turn it into SLR app

Let me know if you get stuck anywhere

I think the best standalone headset otherwise would be Quest (Quest 2 will release next month)

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Thanks. That worked


I would suggest latest version of Script player with deoVR. It has more functionality than any other.

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Quest2 seems to be the best option Your best Combo for VR: TheHandy+Quest2+SLR app


Got all this items but can make it work because the handy only work on wifi 2.4Ghz and the quest 2 internet connection is really slow when it’s not a 5Ghz wifi.

@Cerbere They do not need to be on the same connection, a lot of routers broadcast 2 bands simultaneously as different access points. Some newer routers broadcast 2 or even 3 if WiFi 6 across a single access point and smart switch it for you.

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I just try but it’s not working. My quest 2 is connected to my 5Ghz wifi and the handy to the 2.4Ghz. In deoVR the connection to the handy is a success but when SLR say “sending script to handy” after few seconds it’s say thraw an error

I haven’t used my handy in awhile, but it can be a little finicky. Sometimes you just have to keep trying. I noticed some very long video scripts wouldn’t work, like 2 hours ones. Sometimes it would not work in general but usually the script would get received 5-10 seconds after sending.

If you absolutely cannot get it to work, you could connect to your desktop on the oculus through VD or whatever option you prefer, and setup handycontrol as a local host, and point scriptplayer at it, which should have you running stuff locally and was the only way I found to get really long scripts working, scripts also startup instantly instead of 5-10 sec.

However that’s a lot to setup so I’d just try tinkering with it a bit more, maybe turn the WiFi on and off on that handy, try moving closer to the router if far away. Try to just get it working at all to prove it at least can work… then go from there, because I think it’s probably just connectivity issues. If DeoVR is connecting with your handy key it must be connected somewhat.

Have you tried transferring the video and script to the Quest?

nop, if I start the video in deoVr with the handy setup in the app it will start the script too ? I have to put the script in the Interactive folder with the name of the video right ?

Just try and this time it works, random technology. Works also with script on oculus and video on dlna and with streaming from SLr but the video was cutting (my connextion is bad so probably due to that) Thanks to push me to try again

That’s correct. That’s how I’ve done it the few times I tried a VR script, I would be more into it if there was more content suited to my taste.

My computer is connected via ethernet cable, quest2-wifi5ghz and handy-wifi2,4ghz. They all work in harmony. No problems at all.