Needing detailed help and instruction on how to download and watch scripts on The Handy

I am lost when it comes to downloading a script and syncing it for use with the Handy. I’m not very Technologically inclined and don’t know much about computers other than very basic stuff. Could someone please explain to me in very detailed instruction on how I go about downloading a script and sync it to the handy? I will be viewing through my laptop or ipad mini4. I will not be using VR headset because I only have a PVR IRIS which is a standalone VR headset. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Does anyone know of a step by step tutorial video showing how this is done? Thanks for taking the time to read this and explaining the process to me.



Just to clarify, it sounds like you have your Handy hooked up to WiFi already and you just need help getting videos and scripts. Is that correct or do you need help getting the Handy hooked up to WiFi as well?

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Hello a first step is to test a video with the handyfeeling site :

If all work you can continue installing the ScriptPlayer

and add your key like that


Yes sir, I do have it hooked up to WiFi already. I am currently using my iPad Mini 4 with the Handy Connect app. I need help trying to Hook the Handy up using my Laptop PC instead of the iPad Mini, and yes I also need instruction or guidance on how to get videos and scripts.

I’m unable to connect my Handy through my :Laptop PC. I’m unfortunately unable to get past the first step you have shown to me. I can get the Handy to connect to my iPad Mini 4 using the Handy Connect app but I am unable to get it connected to my PC in order to get videos with scripts. What am I not getting right with the hook up process?

have you try to change the key ?(personally i try avoid ‘o’ ‘O’ and ‘0’ to limit misstyping)
maybe you can try with an other web browser or directly with funscript player?

Hmm… I’m wondering if your Handy is only connected to your iPad via bluetooth and not actually connected to WiFi since you don’t need to use the Handy Connect app at all once you have everything set up. When you’re connected with the iPad, are you able to use the Handy Remote Control or Random Stroke programs?

Yes, I can use the two programs through the iPad on the site. I’m trying to use the handy through my Laptop though. I’m just unable to get it to connect to my laptop.

Huh… that is pretty strange… Unfortunately the Handy is pretty locked down so there isn’t much I can recommend in terms of troubleshooting. Pretty much the only thing I can suggest at this point is to try creating a new key from the Handy Connect app. I had an issue where my Handy was working just fine but after a couple days of not using it, I couldn’t get any device to connect even though it had the slow pulsing purple lights. Creating a new key fixed the issue :man_shrugging:t2:

If you’re able to get your laptop connected, there is a thread here going over all sorts of different ways you can download videos

The options labeled NO INSTALL are just websites you can go to. They’re pretty self explanatory, go to one of those websites, copy and paste the link to the video you want to download, and then click the download button that appears.

As mentioned in that thread I linked above, those NO INSTALL websites will only get you so far and you’ll probably end up, at some point, on a site that doesn’t work with the video you’re trying to download. At that point you’ll need to use youtube-dl or jdownloader (I use both)

Here’s a video on how those sites work and how to use/setup youtube-dl. Sorry if i sound weird, I was falling asleep at my keyboard while recording. Also I was trying to post it on YouTube but theres porn in there so they won’t let me post it so it’s just a link to the video on Google Drive lol

Heres the “code” I used to make the youtube-dl shortcut

@echo off
set /p LINK="Enter link to download: "

youtube-dl %LINK%

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I got it to connect to WIFI and I’m now able to use my we browser on my Laptop with the handy. Thanks for all your suggestions.

Thanks for that information cyclon463

For a non-technical user I’d actually recommend media-downloader which someone recommended me and It’s in the thread as well.

Powered by ytdlp and aria2 someone would have the best luck with it.
Download for it is here

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