New Fleshlight Boost review

I hope so. I said I doubt it because I think by the time you would get past the 2nd ring you would be near the end of the QS but I would buy it because those rings look like I would enjoy them a lot. I’m a big fan of the QS Turbo.

Thanks for doing a review for this! :+1: I’m a big fan of the mouth orifice and I simply can not understand why they discontinued it. :thinking: Guys just stopped liking mouths suddenly? :man_shrugging: Anyway, how does the size and weight, with case, compare to the regular Fleshlight? Are you using it with the Handy? I tried using a regular FL with my Handy, and I really didn’t care for the experience.

Totally agree about the mouth sleeves. And yes I used it with the Handy. I got one of those 3d printed Fleshlight mounts, works much better than a strap. Same experience as the original Fleshlight, big and clunky. Like @BuckNekkid said, I hope they make a Quickshot version.


Is it the same weight as full sized? Does your 3d printed mount cut down any of the weight? I’ve heard the the Pilot and Go series work well with the Handy because they’re lighter. My problem with the full sized Fleshlight was that I was losing strokes or getting shorter strokes due to the weight.

Thank you! Also wondered about how it works with the Handy, weightwise and how big diameter compared to the quickshot? Thinking if it would fit in my Handy pro strap

The 3d mount doesn’t affect the weight. I’d say about 80% of the weight is the sleeve it’s self. I haven’t had any problems with short strokes, but the weight does affect the Handy’s over all performance. Strokes tend to be a bit delayed and the Handy isn’t as quick and responsive.

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Idk about the pro strap, but the Myuren strap I use will reach around. The issue with using a strap is the Fleshlight will have a noticeable amount of rocking. It wasn’t much of a problem the few times I used it, but that may change when you reach higher speeds.

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Have the vagina version. Like the texture. The rings are different, I wish they would find a way to constantly heat these rings.

After making a couple changes it’s become my new go-to. The new design of the sleeve works good with a strap, I don’t use the case anymore. I also trimmed the excess that I can’t utilize. This got rid of the floppiness, and keeps the sleeve in position. Lastly, I use a small rubber band at the end of the sleeve. It’s just tight enough to create a small hole. My other go to is the Mia Quickshot, which has a vag and anal opening. The anal opening is so small that on the down stokes it allows air out, and on the up strokes collapses in on it’s self creating a nice bit of suction. This same thing can be achieved by using a rubber band on the Fleshlight.


So I bought one of these recently, this probably isn’t relevant for most people since most users on here use a handy but the new end cap on the boost case is compatible with the kiiroo keon case.

So if someone wants the boost, you get a new sleeve and an upgrade for the keon case.

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why the hell would u cut the sleeve in half and put a rubber band on it…that makes no sense to me

When using a fleshlight with the handy, you generaly dont use the case for that (if possible), the case provides no strong gripping point, while the sleeve does that fine (the straps grip better on silicone than they do with solid plastic).

This means the end has no sturdy point to stabilize it and can swing around (which can cause the mechanics to block). Cutting that end away avoids that issue, reduces weight (which is better for the handy as less weight allows faster speeds and less wear).

And in most cases your dick isnt long enough to get that far in the sleeve anyway. Fleshlights are generaly heavily oversized. The cut away section isnt going to be used normaly. (well, maybe in this case it can be used as secondary sleeve for the handy)

The rubber band is to at least provide some suction again (and when properly tightened can actualy block air completely).

There are a lot of people that customize their fleshlights like that. And dont be surprised, but usualy when you know what to do, it improves fleshlights a lot. Instead of having it based on a lot of people, it now is adjusted to yourself.

And if its realy needed. This can still be used with the case! By placing the old end section in the case, even if it was cut loose, as long as it sticks to the side using some tape, the suction will generaly be the same.

Dont see this as a waste for a sleeve. It realy isnt.


Everything that @SomeoneRandom just said. Very proper explanation, nice one mate :+1:

well i have an OSR2 which is better than handy anyway so to me it seems strange is all

Tried this found the rings annoying, breaks immersion. I cut them off. felt better but feelstars remain king for me

@SlowScripter After a few months of use, what do you think of the Boost?

Funny you should ask, I just modded it again.

The boost is my go-to, but despite my best efforts I found my sessions being much shorter. So I decided to remove the rings @Endlessdream
It definitely cut down the intensity, however just a little too much. Even with the rings removed I’ll still continue to use the boost on the regular. After all the mods what I’m left with is an original recipe Fleshlight sleeve, with quite realistic feeling lips and a very very nice suction action. The only thing missing is a extended tongue with a proper human tongue texture. I might end up ordering another one, but for now I’m waiting to see what the guys at Fleshlight are cooking up. If they release a version of the Turbo made out of the boost material, I’ll definitely be ordering one.

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The ring inside the boost - how similar is it to the internal rings of the turbo series?

I dare say day and night, for me at least. I felt the rings on the Turbo were much too loose and didn’t add much pleasure.Also the material didn’t help. In fact, if they just made the turbo out of the original flashlight material it would be a much better sleeve. The dual rings on the inside of the boost definitely add to the intensity, the rings feel much tighter and the fact that there’s two of them covers more area.

From my experience when i flip the sleeve 180 degrees, simply the diffirent entry already made it possible to reduce the sensitivity from those rings. But thats when the sleeve is still within its case, where the case can be used to position it more ideal.

Barely anything. Its mostly just its depth being diffirent and by that makes it more notible through normal stroking.

Although there is a slight material diffirence that can still matter. Transparent sleeves are often slightly more stretchable and sticky in how they feel. But from my experience the diffirence is ignorable.