New Fleshlight Launch Universal

as someone who owns the old fleshlight launch

i was wondering if ne1
has tried out the new one

and if its worth upgrading

just got the email about it today, looks like it (like the quickshot launch) has no bluetooth connectivity (and therefore can’t use scripts). Probably better to go with Keon, Handy, or OSR2 depending on your price range.
All that said if your launch is still functional it probably isn’t worth getting a Keon or Handy imo

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What on earth are they thinking with the phone clip? Not only would the motion of the fleshlight block the view, why would anyone want to be watching a phone bounce around?

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omg your right it has no bluetooth… wtf??


They know how to sell their product:

The Universal Launch is designed to fit most of our product line AND other non-Fleslight, cased strokers!

The use of any third party hardware product in combination with the Universal Launch violates the terms of usage and warranty.



This looks like garbage.

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Sad, no BLE. Seems like a step backwards to me.

Also @Teasey


Unless that’s an indicator of a short max stroke length so the fleshlight will never block the view.

That is insane. Is there some marketing person that thought that it was a good idea to include third party stuff in the marketing material? When you read the first lines of the next section the message is different:

The Universal Launch is an automated Fleshlight experience for most of your Fleshlight toys!

Third party toys aren’t mentioned anymore.

lol wow…just wow! will stick with my launch i think