New Hands Free Product Accessory

Hi All! I have been dabbling with a variety of different automated devices throughout the years and now a days there are so MANY to choose from! It is great to have options but I still don’t see anything out there to really help with a hands free set up that doesn’t involve some sort of “MacGuyver of Masturbation” hat having to be put on to achieve this. I personally am not a fan of having this be set up on the edge of my desk, primarily that is where I work and too many chances to accidentally share screen or accidentily hit accept on a video call mid “performance”.

I am actually a product designer and have my own boutique product development shop that specializes on “not sex toy accessories” however that does not mean I dabble in this subject on the side. If I ended up designing a kind of mounting system that could achieve the ultimate hands free approach, while being comfortable and adjustable, how many people would honestly want to buy something like that? I like the idea of 3D Printing and have seen a couple iterations online. But I think something more robust, not held together with zip ties and other implements of discomfort, would be ideal, seeing how no one is really doing the idea I have in place.
I have a prototype I have been playing with for a while and think I am ready to put pen to paper, if there is a high enough demand. I would love to hear the communities thoughts on this. I am sorry as I cannot say anything more about the design as I am currently exploring a patentable approach.
Let me know your thoughts and see if this is something that might be worth exploring. If enough positive feedback, maybe a small indiego launch or something like that to kickstart mass production or at least get one of the bigger players involved and have them do it.


I totally agree. I’m using VR and usually depend on the tilt feature of my office chair to avoid straining my neck looking up or down in different positions. I also don’t like messing with the player view angle settings in the middle of a video. So how can you setup a decent hands free solution that is attached to an office chair with the tilt function enabled somehow? TheHandy must also be really fixed. The suggested goose neck solutions sway to much when TheHandy moves up and down.

Agreed. The method of which I am testing now is very rigid in terms of mounting. but also quickly flexible. It needs to feel organic as well as stay in place during the “extraneous” scenes.

I sadly can’t even use edge of my desk mounts, I have this curve that starts on the top so every clamp I’ve tried just slips off.

Much bigger fan of floor stands and would love something more specifically built that way for holding my machine (Handy) I currently use the Guitar Stand and C Clamp with a vice grip combo that is super easy to setup but lacks quick readjusting

Interesting ideaa, I like where this is going!

I have spent a lot of money on my setup personally but it was semi professionally macgyvered together. What price point are you planning to targeting? I would be a buyer 9/10 times just to try it. Have you thought about selling a STL file for 3D printing if your design accommodates one? I personally decided to buy a 3D printer 80%just to print stuff for my handy.

I’m sure you will find users interested in your product, however the bigger challenge will be creating something for the masses. Furthermore, I’m pretty confident that the Handy team will be tackling mounting options for the next Handy.
My desk is out of the ordinary. It was built for commercial office use, the top is three inches thick. The two options I’ve found for mounting are a heavy duty monitor mount, and large U shaped fence bracket. Both require a bit of MacGuyvering, but work quite well. I definitely like the Idea of having a proper made mount, is your product something that would work with my set up?

Mechanically a 3D Printed piece is fine for prototyping, but I am talking about injection molding an option and coming up with an entire “system” if you will based on which device you are using. A universal hands free device, no matter what the device is. It would be the hands free device of all hands free devices. Selling the model online would be fine, but I am also trying to gauge if it was worth that direction, or best to pump it through another company. Still weighing options at this point.

I kinda answered that in the reply to Howard150812. It would be a universal/adjustable design based on the devices that are currently available on the market. All of the patents I have been awarded over the past 10 years are generally of a modular design, no matter what it is, so that is my basic approach to designs are tackling options.

If you could truly make something that universal that could be really big. Would it mean it might potentially work with future devices?

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Yup, that is the idea I am playing with currently.

I sure do miss the days of just putting a heavy blanket on top of my Launch. I’m lazy so I’m in bed (which also has keeps me away from OSR devices), so if the solution works there, i’m definitely in.


I use OSR in bed with heavy duty monitor mounted to the bed, doable and well worth it.

There are some interesting designs made by the Handy community in their official discord server, including ones that uses tactical belt and go-pro harness. Might be worth looking at.

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I have looked at some of those and while they are nice “band aids” onto a problem that does not have a marketable solution yet. In regards to the Go Pro and waist concept, personally I don’t like to have anything mechanically attached to myself down there. Breaks away from the immersive environment OMHO. I wish I could say more about my design concept, but I don’t want to give away the secret sauce recipe quite just yet.

Hi, i am quite active on the discord and have done a tonne of tinkering … lots of discord and thingiverse. As to using a wearable, imo its a must with vr… you just gotta try it :slight_smile:


Does anyone know of a mic stand / arm that works well with the Handy? i got the handy handsfree cup but im looking for something sturdy to connect it to.

After many different solution attempts I have nixed mic stands and desk mounts for a two piece solution. The pipe screws out of the board and is very easy to tuck away in a closet. The vise is a dremel and I 3d printed some additional components.

Following - looking for ideas for a robust, subtle setup for the Handy!