New Handy Brand mount

Quick review for the handy users. I use ram mount typc C products for my handy holder. I tried b and it was too weak BTW. I have found it to be excellent using a universal mount from Ram that includes a large hose clamp and rubber sleeve for it. (I think its called a universal ATV mount.

Anyhoo, I thought I’d try the handymount. I am using a type c ball with a 1/4” adapter to connect. the handy arm goes on easily and does stay in place. I find the connection point to be a bit awkward. i wish they had included more than 1, 1/4” threaded hole; maybe 1 on the side and 1 on the top.

The thread will come undone with vigorous use so i recommend lock nuts and threadlock.

The plastic is the same quality as the handy. All in all, I’d say a good purchase but at the price point, there are still better DIY options, especially if you don’t have to take your setup down each time. 4/5


I have the mount also, got it a few days back, and have found it quite sturdy in use, making the top of the handy better than it was, as the top ‘lid’ part on the handy I have pops up slightly on use. The postage cost is bonkers for such a small item. I wanted to use a camera mount but the one I bought is just sturdy enough though not able to get it exactly where I want it…so good to get the info on ram mount parts as I have used ram mount stuff before and know they do the job well. Cheers Sith.

no worries. The type B was ok for one connection (base+short arm+handy). The type C has been solid for base+short arm+long arm+short arm+handy.

They make the shipping so high so you’ll spend more for free shipping.

I purchased the new Handy mount adapter and have used it with a MOSHUSO C10 Pro Heavy Duty C Clamp ( and a SmallRig 5.5 Inches Adjustable Friction Articulating Magic Arm (

The setup worked very well for attaching to a desk, the official mount was easy to work with and good quality (if a bit overpriced). I’d definitely recommend it if you don’t have/want other (3d printed) options

Thanks for the review it is was quite helpfull i am using a ram mounts setup as well sadly b size though i havent been able to give it a test yet but good to know that the short arm works. I have a question has anyone treid to test it at a 90 degree angle (horizotally) is the handy handsfree cup sturdy enough ?

I set it up a few days ago but didn’t use it. The handy was horizontal and it looked solid and secure. Keep in mind this position puts more stress on your mount arm. There will always be more movement in the handy with a top mount vs using something that mounts with a center connection point (where the controls are). I actually made a mount with a ram ball that covers the buttons you could use a long thin object to press the wifi button if needed) and it was incredibly solid but the “no button” issue just became too annoying so I fashioned a top mount not unlike the handy version.

I actually have a brilliant design for a mount but i dont think “the handy” team is hiring lol. I have to imagine they looked at all the 3d printed designs and passed for their own reasons too.

I think Handy 2.0 will have more thought put into this.

Wish we could just fast-forward to Ex Machina.

if you really want that I think you kind of missed the point of the movie. LOL

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I have the Handy mount and am using a Joby GorillaPod 3K mount on the bottom and it’s working well for me