NEW Handy customer - Cannot find wifi network *RESOLVED*

I have been a long time Launch user, great easy product to use but I’ve heard so many great things about The handy so just bought it.

However, I cannot for the life of me get it to find my wifi network. I go through the wifi setup and then it gets stuck at searching for wifi networks.


I can 100% confirm I have 2.4GHz channel (shown below).

Wifi handy

I have even tried using my iphone hot spot and still it doesn’t recognize anything. Worse yet, brand new the factory FW is set to 2.13 so I cannot use the app (which requires FW 3) and since I cannot get on wifi I can’t upgrade.

The whole process has been pretty awful honestly, anyone have any a suggestions? Is there a network setting i’m missing somewhere? The online tool/help on their website is pretty useless.

I did send them an email for help but haven’t heard anything yet.

If I remember , the first time you need to login to the handy WiFi , not your house one

Put handy on and look in computer WiFi connection and connect to the WiFi that pops up as handy(Random numbers) it will then guide you through setup

I can connect to the handy wifi, thats how you get into the wifi setup (first image I posted). Once I connect to the handy wifi SSID you then have it scan for wifi networks and it doesn’t find anything.

Did you tried using different device than iPhone for a setup? I know that Apple can be gimmicky with their devices. If you have a laptop try using it instead.

Yes, used my desktop first then tried with my iphone.

read this? Connect Your Handy to Wi-Fi (Legacy) – Handy Setup

Yes. I wouldn’t be able to get to scanning wifi networks if I didn’t get through those steps. The issue is the handy doesn’t detect any of my wifi networks. The only troubleshooting they have is the handy only detects 2.4GHz networks, which I have.

are you connected to some type of vpn? try and disable it

Nope, no VPN.

ping me on discord Time2trynewthings#7656 ill help you out.

Finally found what the issue was. Even though I was only one room away, the walls in my house must have blocked the receiver on the handy as the issue went away when I plugged in right next to the router :slight_smile:

Let’s hope the rest of your Handy experience will be much better now that you have it up an running :slight_smile:

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