New interactive device from Autoblow

Hi all. I want to tell you about a new stroker that went on sale today.

I received it a few months ago and it has become my main device.
This is a single-axis device that combines the best features of other devices.

The connection occurs via Wi-Fi, which allows you to accurately transmit both slow and fast movements. And the powerful motor allows you to use heavy sleeves, for example from Fleshlight, the standard sleeve also feels very good

You can use 1 of 10 loaded modes, or use any of your favorite scripts
Also, 150 new scripts are already available on the site, 80 of which were written by me, and their number will only grow

Also use a special promotional code EroScripts for an additional discount.


I get the feeling that you’re biased here since you’ve had the device for some time and you script for them. But I’m interested in your opinion. How does it compare to other devices such as The Handy?

I’m very happy with The Handy, but it’s also the only thing I know. I prefer their sleeves over any other sleeves, and I’ve tried so much from Tenga to Fleshlight/Fleshlight Quick Shot and others.

I think it’s a very good gadget, but it’s a very different sensation to a real blowjob/handjob/sex.

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I can only compare with Keon, I didn’t have Handy. I think they are somewhat similar in capabilities, but for those who like to use different sleeves Autoblow may be better

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Would like to use the fleshlights I do have but they’ll need to work with the Heresphere developer to get me to switch.

Does it support regular funscripts? And what site are you talking about?

Hi. Yes, you can use regular funscripts with the autoblow.
All the buyers will get access to our porn library.
You can see a quick demo here: Autoblow AI Ultra Online Features

Looks promising, Can it stroke longer/ faster and move slower than Keon/handy?

i bet its junk i had the autoblow ai before this one came out and had so many issues had multiple replacements one of which almost caught on fire while i was in it and all the sleeves the orifices would just fall off or the sleeves would develop a hole mid shaft company lost my trust in a good product


I had the Autoblow AI as well. It was the only of these devices which I actually threw out. Huge disappointment. The original wasn’t compatible with scripts which may have been the main issue as their ‘AI’ or whatever controlled it was terrible. If it can move fleshlight sleeves at similar speeds as The Handy that would be great, but I’m kind of with you- the last device from them burned me a bit too hard.

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The connection via WiFi, is this connection proprietary, always going via their server?
E.g. it does not work directly with a local video/control application directly connected to device
(with no internet required.)

Because I am sort of not into the idea of companies trying to carve up the community into smaller closed ecosystems.

minimum speed is about 40 unit/s maximum limit I don’t know, but all the fast scripts that I ran worked great

at the moment yes, to use local scripts you need to go to the site

Too bad… was looking for an alternative to the Handy, but with local WiFi.
Guess I need to wait for SSR1 to be generally available, or someone else comes to market with
an open ecosystem.


Never buying anything from them again…

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The problem with its old design is that most of its power is just wasted (probably a big reason why heat was such an issue).

Instead of having good up/down movements, it stretched the sleeve, which means that only the tip of the cock gets decent motion, and the rest barely anything at all. Adding to that, the stretching of material generates heat at a place it cant vent it away. This new design seems to resolve that by using a container that it moves entirely.

Heat was also a problem as the container is closed and didnt have any decent method of venting heat. It had 1 hole which means airflow in the device was garbage. Looking at the images though… I dont see any improvements here.

The sleeve removal and placing also was anoying. And i suspect that the case again helps here by having an easier to use connection.

And then the AI part… Its just a standard set of patterns randomized. With a few configs to limit the used patterns. Now with proper syncing, while it isnt AI (tbf, without any camera AI wont work anyway as it lacks getting feedback), it at least is an improvement in capabilities.
And another question here is: how closed source is the scripting part here? Unless its fully open, its an absolute no go as once the scripts are offline, the device lost a major feature.

It was very underwhelming in the first version. And while i do see improvements, the first version made me too aware of their own lack of proper testing, and just showed most money went to marketing (which sadly worked at that time).

Even now i dont think the device will beat the handy in performance, but at least i see the main problems resolved. Even if it got close to the handy, their reputation wont make me go for it.


What is the best way to make funscripts (what tool, etc) for the new autoblow AI Ultra for Local videos?

like for other devices, I use OFS

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Hey there. Just ordered the ai ultra and I’m just learning about funscripts. I’m wondering if all the scripts on this site made with other devices in mind should work fine with the AI ultra or not.

Most of the scripts here are written taking into account the capabilities of The Handy. autoblow has similar technical characteristics, so you can use any script from this site locally.
Any of my scripts will work perfectly with autoblow

What is the max stroke length on the Autoblow vs Keon/Launch?