"New Topic" notification for old topic

I might be wrong but it seems that changing tags on topics (i.e. removing paid-media, adding no-free-links if appropriate) is triggering the “New Topic” notification.

It’s not the end of the world but is there a way to make that change without triggering the notification?

It might be hard to notice the new scripts while this is occurring. Well, I might make a dummy change in the tags of my new script when the wave of notifications will die down.

Note: This is not to blame creators that are updating their topic to the new rules. For me, it’s more of a “Discourse” bug. Changing tags should not trigger a “New Topic” notification.

can anyone else verify this? I didn’t notice it on my end

i wouldn’t be surprised if it bumped them up the list on Latest though

It might depend on what people are “watching”.

In my case, I only have “Watching First Post” for “jav-vr, vr” tags:

I got notifications for all those topics from zadigius:

At least, after he changed his topics, he published a new script. So, I forgive him :stuck_out_tongue:.

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Can verify. Easily reproducible. Take a thread with zero comments, change something there (add new / different tags, write / delete something in the main post) and it gets shown as new. Only works with threads that has zero comments it seems. Also seems it doesn’t matter how old the thread is.

Yes, I also noticed a few glitches with zero-comment-topic. What surprised me this time is that a lot of his topics had comments, but I still got the “New Topic” notifications (ex. I got a notification for this topic).

Then it seems it also happens to topics with comments. He added the tag “no-free-links” and because of that change it got displayed as a new topic.

oops, I actually just wanted to change everything from paid media to no free links.

I would imagine running a server-side pattern replacement would easily update the tags.

if we’re talking about the tag #no-free-links, the problem is how it’s used not 1:1 to the old #paid-media Updated rules on free links, asking for links, scripters preventing sharing of free links - #9 by hugecat

My recommendation would be to not worry about existing topics with #paid-media

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