Oculus Go. Deo accessing an external HD

Does anyone know of a method I can store video files and access them through deovr without having to load them directly onto the oculus go ? I have a shared external HD with like 6 TB of space but it seems DEO cant access that ? So deleting and adding files constantly to the tiny HD in the GO is a real pain.

Any info would be appreciated. I have amassed a large collection of scripts and videos but adding and deleting the videos from the GO sucks

Thanks everyone

Yes, it should be possible.

Here is how I do what you are describing.

I use the Quest. I have an external HD plugged into my PC with the videos and scripts sorted. I use the OSR2+.

I use sidequest to load ALVR on the Quest and I also install the ALVR client on windows to emulate SteaVR on the quest.

Now here is where the process will deviate a bit but shouldn’t take much effort on your part to piece it all together. I use Whirligig and have not tried DeoVR yet.

Here is what happens
-Install Steam, Sidequest, JoyFunPlayer and ALVR
-Open steam and get SteamVR and DeoVR
-SideLoad ALVR to Quest
-Open ALVR on Windows
-Make sure there is only one firewall exception present for ALVR
-Open JoyFunPlayer and make sure the your device is detected (what device are you using, not sure this will work for handy)
-Next open ALVR on Quest and pull trigger when prompted
Steam Living Room should load on quest
-Next click Start DeoVR from JoyFunPlayer
Now DeoVR should open on quest

Usually from within the player, in your case DeoVR (in my case Whirligig) you would select the video you want to play and then the magic happens.

Let me know if you have any questions. I hope this was helpful.

I use the Handy. I currently use DEOVR with The SLR app. I go to the SLRAPP to turn on interactive control then ho back into DEO to connect and select local files to play and I have the scripts stored in the interactive folder.

What I’m trying to do is get DEOVR to see my video files that I have stored on an shared over the network external HD. Someone mentioned using a DLNA client but I cant figure out how to put that onto the external.
But I do have that external shared over the network because before getting into scripts I watched all my VR videos through skybox on the go and it works like a charm other than sucking the battery life like crazy

I see now, thank you for the information.

I fiddled for a day or so with trying to get DLNA to work and while I was able to enable SLR to use DLNA it has been so long now since I have tried that I cannot even recall how successful I was.

I have read other people attempts to get PLEX or some other DLNA server set up. I hope that someone with that experience can shed some light on this for both of us.

Best luck. I will keep an eye on this topic for an answer as well.

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My computer shows up on the dlna button in the DEOVR app but the external does not

I appreciate you trying. I’m sure there is a way. I’m personally just not smart enough for it haha

What DLNA service is it? Have you pointed the DLNA server to the HD yet?

And if you can see the PC in DeoVR and the PC can see the HD is there a way in DeoVr to navigate to the HD? Or does DeoVR just show physical drives?

It is just showing me the folders that are currently on the PC. Not showing anything from the external.

I guess I could just move things to the PC and access them that way but I have not tried that yet. At least the PC has a lot more space than the oculus go

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That sounds like a viable temporary solution to the problem you are experiencing. Good enough at least to get you by while you can research the issue over time.

Don’t be hard on yourself.


If you figured out how to network or share your drive and set up a DLNA you are better off than many of the people I used to help at Gateway.

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I use DLNA over DEOVR/SLR in exactly the way you describe without issues.
Here’s the trick:

  1. On your windows PC that the external drive is attached to, find media streaming options in settings - make sure it’s enabled
  2. Right click the folder you’re trying to share > include in library > videos

Once I did this, DLNA worked like a charm.

Note that the folder needs to be indexed by windows for this to work. You may also have to ensure the folder isn’t hidden.

This does have the side effect of porn coming up in windows searches if that’s an issue!