Oculus Quest 2 and streaming from external hard drive

Hi, I’ve got 4TB of hot vr porn on an external hard drive and am struggling to find a way to stream it in DeoVR on the Quest 2. I have created a DLNA server on my laptop (running the latest Windows 10) and can stream from the C drive video folder, however there’s not enough disk space for my sordid collection.

I also want to use funscripts so I’m assuming that this can only be done with DeoVR? (and Android phone). Video is choppy using a link cable, so that’s a no go.

Any ideas would be much appreciated

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@p520518 - check out DLNA tips here:

Step by Step Tutorial Fully Updated! - to Connect Sex Toys for ALL PC and Mobile Devices and ALL VR Headsets * including streaming DLNA using Deovr *

thanks for the swift response, but that tutorial was one of the first I checked :smiley: I’ve done some googling but to no avail…

should be all the steps and tips there - but if u want more one on one help, I recommend pinging Rakly3#0783 in SLR discord - hes the best with that help

This may be a dumb response but can’t you just load the video onto the Quest 2. It’s not like you need all the videos on there just the one you want to use with funscript files.

Did you add your folder or drive to your videos library (assuming you’re using Windows’ DLNA Streaming Server)?


Sorry dude, I don’t have a magic bullet for you.

The only way I found to connect both to kirroo and the headset using occulus was to use a combination of Intiface, Whirligig, ScriptPlayer and a tether to the PC, with a 3rd party BT USB 2.0 connecting the PC to the launch.

Install Occulus Rift, ScriptPlayer and intiface on your PC
Install Whirligig on your Occulus through the desktop storefront.

On your PC:
Load Occulus Rift, SpriptPlayer, intiface from your desktop.
Swith on and connect Launch to the desktop (see guides)

On your Occulus:
Switch on and allow the Occulus HUD to boot to full.
Connect Occulus tether and switch to PC mode.
Enter Whirligig

On your PC:
Connect Whirligig to ScriptPlayer

On your Occulus:
Select video from the file tree in Whirligig, play and enjoy.

edit: you’ll also need codec players for whirligig installed on your PC but the whirligig help page should direct you to the source, let me know if you need and I’ll post a link.

many thanks will do

Fair point, but what if you could? :wink:

Thanks that worked! However the movies now stutter :thinking:

Thanks, I’m all set for syncing etc. It’s just streaming from an external hard drive to work out :smiley:

In terms of streaming have you tried anything like virtualdesktop? Thats a paid app but there are few out there you can sideload onto the occulus. Need to have a hefty router though…

Yes I’ve bought virtualdesktop, have a hefty router and will give it a go.
Cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the feedback. Just to let you know that it was the external hard drive at fault. I bought a new one and now streaming via the DLNA server on my laptop to my Oculus Quest 2 works perfectly for streaming up to 8k video :partying_face:

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