Oculus Quest 2 video capabilities

Hi. I have the Handy and have been using it with the pretty rudimentary VR capabilities available through my iPhone for a while, but I’m looking to take the step up to full VR by getting a Quest 2.

The issue I have is that the videos available through SLR aren’t really my taste. I have a pretty extensive collection of standard videos and accompanying scripts, but I can’t tell from reading any of the blurb on the Quest website if the Quest unit can ‘convert’ any video loaded onto it into VR, or if it has to be a specialised VR video such as the ones found on SLR or any of the other subscription VR sites.

Is there any way of converting standard vids to VR other than making them SBS which isn’t true VR?

Sorry if these are pretty basic questions, I’m just trying to get the hang of what the Quest is able to do before I buy.

Thanks for any help.

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I have a Quest 2. I have found 2 ways to watch videos effectively.

  1. Copy the videos either to the Quest 2 or to a DLNA server. If you store the scripts in the “Interactive” folder on the Quest 2 and if the filename of the .funscript file matches the filename of the .mp4 file, the script will play with several of the available players. Plex adds info (like the release year) to the filename, so getting the DLNA server process to work with Plex was frustrating. The Windows native DLNA worked well.

  2. I recently downloaded XBVR and matched the .mp4 and .funscript files to the scene info which it scraped from the provider websites. With this method, I use the following process…
    2a) Launch the Haptics app (available for download and Quest sidelooad from SLR
    2b) Launch DeoVR
    2c) Point DeoVR at SLR’s website (to load the code which activates the Haptics app connection between DeoVR and the Keon). This does require me to login to SLR with the same account that I use with the SLR app.
    2d) Point DeoVR at the IP address of the XBVR app running on my laptop

This second method allows me to watch any video with the associated funscript file through DeoVR. However, this method does seem to require a subscription to SLR. Since I already have an SLR subscription and enjoy it, having the SLR subscription doesn’t inconvenience me. Regardless, if I can figure out how to load the Haptics API bits onto the XBVR app, then I can skip step 2c. From my experience, the XBVR app has less lag when streaming videos than the Windows DLNA server did. But those issues could have been related to my home network.

If you learn of other optimizations, I’d love to hear about them.

…if you’re asking if it’s possible to retroactively convert 2D vids to proper 3D VR, then i’m afraid that’s not possible. However, i use my Quest 2 to watch all my 2D vids, the immersion you get from watching on what is effectively a massive cinema screen that wraps around your peripheral vision is pretty close to a VR experience. And whilst not being true 3D, the trade-off is that it’s easier on the braincell to watch than the 3DVR stuff, because of that whole ‘single depth of perception’ effect you get from VR in its current iteration… we need to wait for holographic lenses to get past that one…

Your simplest solution i believe is just to download HereSphere and use that to either watch from material uploaded to the Quest2 directly, or via a networked drive from your PC etc. There are numerous guides from far more competent people here on how to do all that, there’s a massive thread on HereSphere here:

There’s also a fair smattering of VR stuff on EroScripts, if you dig deep you can find it, which hopefully is suitably different from SLR’s product for your tastes. Trouble is, VR is such a different medium to work in, with a limited consumer base at present, so there’s little impetus for peeps to just ‘do weird shit and film it’, which is the basis of all the best porn imo! One day VR is gonna be ubiquitous, it’s not there yet, but the faint impression of what it can be / is gonna be, is starting to become apparent.

Oh yea, as an aside, if you buy a Quest2 you can play Bonelabs on it! Which is definitely worth the price of admission, imo…

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