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Oculus quest 2 video resolution

Hey, I just get an Oculus Quest 2, before it arrived I have a question. I come from an Oculus go and the quality was good but the resolution was low and it played only 2k videos without lag. What video resolution are you using on the quest 2 for the better immersion ?

Same here, I have a Go and upgraded. I haven’t had any problems with 8K so far, and all my older vids look a lot better on the 2.

for 8k the problem will be my connection :rofl:

It decode 8k vids wow impressive

The Oculus 2 works great with up to 8K

i upgraded from the oculus Go also, the quest 2 blows it out of the water, the 8k vids from czechvr are especially a treat but it actually makes all of my videos look better :slight_smile:

Thx for the feedbacks, can’t wait to receive it now :laughing:

Download your vids then transfer them to the quest, they play better and makes the whole thing a lot easier.

I was using dlna with the oculus go but only with 2k videos. don’t know if it will work correctly with 8K. I will make some testing

Oculus go even works fine with 4K, but you must provide it in the correct format. Strange formats/codecs/bitrates have bad performance on Oculus Go and will make the videos lag.

But yes, Quest 2 is far superior. (Go isn`t that bad tho… if you still have it as a spare, test around with 4K when you have time left. The Go is a perfect toy for ‘on the road’ (holidays), so you can keep the Quest 2 safe at home.

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Hey hop you will see this message. Does the quest 2 play 120 fps videos ? I’m seeing that it’s 90fps by default but an update can push the limit to 120fps

I’m not sure on that one. I have only used Devo Player for video viewing and there is an option to change the FPS, 90 being the highest. 120 might be more for gaming and you will need to hook your quest up to the computer to access those features. Check YouTube for accessing developer options on the Quest 2, I haven’t tried it myself yet.

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