Oculus Quest DLNA, DeoVr and interactive folder

So, I have the Handy. DeoVR app is working and it’s playing vids that are stored on my PC.
I also have all Funscripts (with name according to the vids) stored in the “interactive” folder of my Quest.
In DeoVr I have connected the handy and it confirms the connection.

What I don’t see is the blue icon which you supposed to turn on for (in my case) the handy.
I also don’t see the blue icon in the menu that you see when playing a vid.

On my Samsung GEAR VR, where files and scripts are stored locally, everything works just fine.

What am I missing?

Thank you for helping out!

If you’re certain you’ve done everything you said, you should see the icon.

Are you by any chance using another program to enable DLNA, rather than using the native functions of (presuming here) Windows?

Make sure that there are no subdirectories in the Interactive folder. All scripts have to be directly in the Interactive folder. The filenames shoundn’t contain any special character. Also check make sure that the videos files do not contain tags that will change their display name.

I use Plex server for DLNA. Should be good I hope.

Tags that change display name? Hmm have to look into that, the exact same files work on the Gear VR. They only “strange” different thing that I (cannot) see is the bleu icon when on SLR Website in Deo VR. In Gear VR that’s normally the place to switch on the connection for The handy, after that you go to local files and it just works. Now, also ín the player(when watching) I don’t see the icon to turn it on or off.

Just for my understanding, on the quest I just need the DeoVR app and Funscripts in folder “interactive”, no additional apps running?

Thanks so far, look into it again tomorrow.

I believe I tried using Plex before. I believe the program is appending the year to the filename, but even if it’s not the year this is probably what’s to blame, and you’ll need to find out what it’s adding to the end or just give Plex a miss entirely.

Windows does have native DLNA support, for the record. It’s not necessarily perfect, but it works.

This is exactly what Plex did to me, you have to edit the video and delete the date or it won’t work with interactive scripts.

If you’re using Plex, change to something else. Plex will change the name of your files so it includes metadata like the date. Even if you delete that, I found it randomly added it again. So frustrating.

I now use Emby and it works seamlessly.

Hello, I am using a Synology NAS connected to my network and I have all the movies on the NAS and the scripts on the Quest 2. I then use the slr app and the haptic app to play local files.

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Looking for some insight and suggestions now that the DLNA support has been stripped form the SLR app. I have been using the below method for a long time with very littles issues and would like to find another way to execute the same process.

Here is my setup:
Quest 2 - I only store scripts in interactive folder
Synology server w/ PLEX - Store all videos on Synology, using DLNA to stream videos via SLR app to Quest 2, ultimately syncing with Handy

Can anyone suggest another way to recreate this type of setup, rather than storing videos locally on the Quest 2?

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Check out XBVR. You can run it in a docker on your NAS and it would replace PLEX, at least for your VR porn needs. It will even allow you to get those scripts off your Quest and play them from network storage too.


Maybe you could find old SLR app? Mine still works with DNLA, I didn’t update it. The DeoVR however somehow managed to self update.

XBVR is definitely the way to go imo. You can set it up once on your NAS then not really need to worry about it again. You password protect the webui and the vr UI is sooooo much nicer than navigating dlna folders.

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If you use Plex, delete the date from the video files within Plex on your PC. guaranteed fix.

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