Oculus Quest vs Quest 2

Is there a big difference between the 2 generation of quest Vr headset ? Does the screen quality is really worst on Quest 1 or just a little ? Is there other head set with good quality in this range of price (supporting deo vr) ?

You dont have to think to much. Q2 is the best choice in this price range and it’s absolutely superior to Q1. It will worth your money because there is not any new headset from META in near future. Maybe you can try Pico Neo 3

It’s definitely significant, at least in my experience. Now that I’ve used the Quest 2 I can’t go back down to videos that are the max resolution the Quest 1 could produce. It’s just too big a drop in quality.

(P.S. plz upload those other few untested scripts you have on your portfolio thread. The Stolen and Dr. Hartley ones haunt my dreams. Sorry for being a choosing beggar, I’ll go now!)