OFS Need Help With MTFG

So I might need help I want to test script something personal for my self using the OFC and adding the Motion Tracking Funscript Generator v0.4.x

but I tried at last everything in the instal tutorial, but it’s just giving me messages something is wrong I need help :smiley:

I got it set up like this, and I tried every possible way for the directories like C:\Program Files\OpenFunscripter\ and even C:/Program Files/OpenFunscripter/

and I have it install in this path C:/Program Files/OpenFunscripter/


But it’s just giving me (error) messages like

I think I did everting the tutorial say to me, and it just won’t start working, I need help :innocent:

tell me what I’m doing wrong, like I say I tried, I think everything

Do you have file named “funscript-editor.exe” inside “C:\Program Files\OpenFunscripter”? Looks to me that you used path for Openfunscripter instead of path for motion tracker.

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yes i do

wait i dont :smiley:

Now i Doo OMG Im so stupid thx :handshake:

If all works now, please press … in a post and mark this thread as solution.

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