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This post is no longer valide! I am sorry but for several reasons I have to shutdown the website.
Mos$aic is offering prebuilt kitts: https://yourhobbiescustomized.com/

Three months ago, I launched a website called www.DIY6bot.com with the goal of simplifying the world of sexbots. My first creation was a custom board for the SR6, called the SR6MB, which quickly gained popularity. Since then, I’ve developed three custom boards, the SR6MB, OSR2 Nexus, and OSR2 Nexus Pro, all designed to make your life easier by eliminating the need for external components like powerbuses.

If you’re looking to purchase an OSR2, I offer prebuilt options that are built around these custom PCBs, which cuts costs for me and makes the end price much cheaper for you. In my shop, you’ll find everything from 3D printed parts for the SR6 and OSR2, to hardware parts, electronics, prebuilt kits, custom PCBs, and much more. And if you have a specific request, I’m happy to offer custom work as well.

OSR2 Nexus

OSR2 Nexus Pro

When you order our prebuilt bots, you’ll receive a power supply, USB-Type C cable, and desktop mount all included. You have the option to choose between a regular OSR2 with only 2 axes or one with additional add-ons like pitch and twist - it’s up to you!

OSR2 Nexus starts from $219 - Go To Item
OSR2 Nexus Pro Stars from $252 - Go to Item

Visit www.DIY6bot.com to check out everything we have to offer.

I never imagined that the shop would grow so quickly in such a short amount of time, but here we are!

We offer worldwide shipping!


Probably one of the cheapest offerings out there for one! I’ll probably get one of these soon.

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Are there any plans to bring the SR6 as a Prebuilt kit?
And how come the built are so much cheaper than on the (https://yourhobbiescustomized.com/)?

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Looks like they are just trying to be competitive with the pricing.

There are many factors that go into deciding a price of a product.

They might not have as many bills to pay, have other sources of income that make it possible to charge less.

I have adjusted my prices to match to be more competitive. I cannot afford to see my sales decline as it would be very detrimental.

Truth is, this is my only sources of income. As it stands I already have to play a very delicate balancing act to make ends meet as I am supporting my wife through college and we have a son.

Thank you for your continued support.


Yes, I will be creating a prebuilt kit for the SR6, which will be based on my custom PCB, the SR6MB. However, this will have to happen in the future for now.

In terms of how I can offer lower prices, it is because of the custom PCBs that I use. They allow for faster and more cost-effective production of the bots, requiring fewer parts in the end and save time as well.


Hey got a couple questions.
Does the package come with a mod case for sleeves?
Also, would u be able to make other extensions like a handy sleeve addon and onahole addon?

I’m eager to see that SR6, was ready to buy it from USA but for a France delivery there is way too much taxes and delivery cost.
Please make an AIO premium package with heater, lube, twist and all :slight_smile:
Just like some competitors shop :wink:

No, the mod case it bought separately. But the kit is ready as is to be used with the regularly FL sleeve case. Other addons would absolutely be possible to make as well. :slight_smile:

Ye, the SR6 is coming and i planning to add much more to the store as the time progress. I have a lot of product ideas that will son se the light as well. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply, appreciate it.
Say, what is the difference between OSR2 Nexus and OSR2 Nexus Pro ?

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Its not cheaper if anything its more expensive than ([https://yourhobbiescustomized.com]

£237 = $294.29

with pitch and twist


with pitch and twist


In my builds, I typically use 35KG servos and a custom PCB, which allows for easy plug-and-play of any additional upgrades. Each build I create comes with a D-Sub connector, making it simple to attach any modifications I sell, such as a heater with an aluminum tube instead of the heating pads that are usually placed directly onto the plastic.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you as the customer. Mosaic and I sell the same machine with different options.

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They look good, and sound good quality

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Hello! The Nexus is built using the Arduino 32U4 chip and offers a simplified way of creating a basic machine without features such as a screen and Wi-Fi.

On the other hand, the Nexus Pro is based on the ESP32, which has 8MB of flash memory. This provides all the features of a standard ESP32 module, including speed, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, a screen, and the ability to easily update the software due to the 8MB flash memory. In the near future, the 8MB version will allow for firmware updates to be performed through a GUI on the browser, rather than requiring the board to be flashed every time.

I hope this clarifies things for you. If you have any further questions, please let me know! :slight_smile:


Ordered a Nexus Pro the other week, have everything else here ready to go, just waiting on international postage :slight_smile:

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Looks very promising. Please keep us updated as new products are released!

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Thank you and yes I will do so! :smiley:

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Any estimates when pre built models would be available again. Very nice shop! :slight_smile:

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The price for prebuilt says $420 but when I click on that picture it takes me to this link which shows the recommended build for $350. Is this the link to buy it pre-built?

Dmed for assistance.