Onyx+ built-in "storm" pattern - how to script?

The Onyx+ comes with four automatic stroking modes; my question is about number 4:

  1. Full Stroke – simple up-and-down pattern that strokes the full length of the cock
  2. Power Up – pattern which speeds up to full speed, slows back down again, and repeats
  3. Handjob – stroke designed to mimic a handjob
  4. Storm – pattern which slowly massages up and down the cock before suddenly providing all-over stimulation

This “all-over stimulation” is quite intense, does anyone know what motion this actually makes and how to script it? Maybe it’s a simple/straightforward motion, I don’t know, but I’d like to be able to script it.


I’ve also been wondering this. I hope someone is able to answer. I find certain movements so hit and miss on onyx+ and it’s a struggle to try and replicate when doing own scripting.