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Onyx+ v Keon v Handy

Connectivity aside, which one is better and why?

Kiiroo team starts actively cooperating with us looking to improve their toys. Definitely looking to introduce WiFi connectivity for all Kiiroo devices.

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Onyx+ is garbage, haven’t tried the others

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I’ve spoken my piece on this just recently here:

But at the end of the day, I think my point is that there’s an ass for every seat. There is no one toy to rule them all… They all have their advantages and disadvantages, and my advantage may be your disadvantage…

With that said, the more connectivity options we have, the better… Ease of connectivity may be the one thing holding some people back, and why we have seen such advancement in the last couple of years with the Handy. It’s greatest advantage is its ease of use. It can only be good for scripting as a whole if all toys are as easy to connect as the Handy.

I very much agree with you @burnbabyburn

For those looking for a true stroker device, I would suggest sticking with Handy or Keon, but if you want to be able to last forever, you can do that with the Onyx+, and enjoy much longer extended sessions (Lovense Max 2 provides a similar massaging sensation as well)

Wifi connectivity for Kiiroo devices would be excellent - if they could somehow help us revive all those broken bluetooth launch toys, that would be icing on the cake, but likely just a pipe dream at this point I imagine

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Ive owned a Kiiroo Titan (I know thats not what was asked) and I actually binned it (yep). The build quality was trash and it was way too noisy. The noise was mostly due to going cheap on materials. I made a bad decision by going for the bullet only version which the Onyx isnt. Perhaps they learned with the Onyx+ and have cleaned up, but Ive never bought a Kiiroo device since. They also seemed to do a whole paid review campaign, which really put me off.

The Handy hands down (see what I did there?) is the best teledildonics device I have experienced. Their team is engaged, and the community is really active. SLR should continue to develop their relationship with Handy.


Heh this is why I like the Handy, there are some really solid write-ups on some of what you went through. The Fleshlight fleshskin lends itself to much longer than 10 min sessions if thats what you’re looking for. The intensity of the first sleeve is a common topic. They have released an open ended one as well as a slightly reworked (I believe) original sleeve. They recently polled the community on sleeve designs going forward.

i also dislike the what i call “apple” approach that kiiroo has its an american way of if you buy something from us your stuck with us wether you like it or not.
The Handy is much more open you can strap any sleeve you want to it, the possibility of a custom firmware in the future, yes it is all at your own risk but you have a choice, and the handy feeling site was much better then the feelme app that kiiroo used (when i still used the onyx+) half the time it didnt work.

And maybe they should make a device that uses a fleshlight sleeve but not the container so it can be made smaller and making it easier to give it a better performance as it doesnt have to move the extra weight of the container

yes and no, sleeve are quickly too heavy for the handy.

in my experience from best to worst :

SR6 >>>>OSR2>>Handy>Launch>>>Keon / Quickshot Launch

this post was about the last three not the osr/sr they might be the best but that was not the question here. And yes many sleeves are too heavy for the handy but what i meant was that you have the option to switch sleeves, something that is not really the case with the other two onyx as far as i know has no options and as far as i know the keon works only with a fleshlight a onahole doesnt fit, unless you get creative

:roll_eyes: please, just don’t.

a bit like the Handy where you need to print a 3d mount or find a new strap.