Open sourcing the project?

Hello all!

Some years ago I got an idea to replicate the “Semen Extractor” shown on some Dmitrys comics. After few iterations the result turned out to be much better than I originally though for. I decided to sell these on Etsy ( I have been improving the design over the years, adding new features and support to various toys. Lately I’ve been implementing Funscript support for it.
There are few problems for which I’m considering is it worth the effort to sell these and how to continue:

  • I don’t have much time to do the development, which is kind of frustrating since I think many of the ideas are worth implementing
  • It takes time to put one together and the hardware is expensive which results quite high price for the completed unit
  • Shipping companies have beaten few of these to pieces which result heavy losses to me

I have been thinking on open sourcing the product. It would be great to see if people would want to join in to development. There are few things holding me back: The worst fear is somebody taking the product and starting to sell these as their own. The seconds is the money issue: I don’t really need the income from these, but I’d hate the idea of someone carbon copying it. I’ve been considering selling part kits or just the 3D-prints as for those quite large printer is needed.

What are your thoughts, what should I do to it?