OpenFunscripter - a scripting tool - 3.2.0 release

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is there a way when i press the home key to copy a stroke, to make it jump to the copied position but whitout it inserting that point.
Like how JSF did it (i know it is ancient but up till now it was my to go to app just for this little thing).

Does anyone know why i can no longer open previous projects after updating from an older version of OpenFunscripter to v3.2?

I just see an error that says “Failed To Open File”.

Its happening on all of my half completed scripts :confused:

You can fix this by opening in the old version, and then export as funscript. Then delete the .ofsp file. The .funscript can then be opened in the new version of OFS.

In one of the older versions i used to be able to shift click directly on the simulator bar to insert a point at that position. It made it super easy to script certain scenes.

Does anybody know how to re-enable this? or has the hotkey/method changed? I really miss this feature.

I was watching the video tutorial, and I couldn´t find the special functions like the motion capture plugin. Has that been removed in this version? Or do I have to add it manually?

Need to install that separately.

so apologies if this has already been answered but is there a tool or function to multiply a selection of the script by a factor to make it x times slower/faster?

Since I constantly mess around with the speed while editing videos this function would be a huge boon because I could just script the source material and then adjust selections accordingly to the used speed increase/decrease.

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When i install it and try to open it, it opens and immediately closes, anyone knows how to help me please? I have tried installing other releases :frowning:

I remember theres an option in the preferences that lets you do this