OpenFunscripter - a scripting tool - 3.2.0 release

hmmmm i noticed this has not been actively maintained. is there a fork or something? the link in the main post goes to a public archive github. just curious.

heck i may try and learn c and c++ to continue the project for shits and giggles when im bored at work.

I mean, I’m into it too and doing a bit of the same but this isn’t a basic project. There’s learning C++, and then learning C++ with tons of libraries and best practices and shit that is the reason no one has taken up the mantle yet. Not discouraging you, please have a go.

I mean ive been wanting to learn c and c++ for a while and once i get the basics of c/++ down ill play with it… I know ooo cause ive done java and python work/classes, and i need to move away from java due to licence changes.

Gotcha. C++ can’t hurt, I just caution that unless you’re a prodigy with a lot of free time, it’s going to be hard to get a handle on this project enough to right the buggy ship. Still, small, meaningful changes are important and welcome.

Oh i already figured that! I also have a decent amount if idle time at work… So ¯_(ツ)_/¯

1 Like seems pretty good and commonly recommended for modern C++. Lots of other resources too, but it’s a huge space.

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Can this software also be used as a player, like I can connect my handy and just download scripts and videos and play them using this tool, or what else would you guys recommend otherwise?

OFS is not intended to be a player. Depending on if you have VR or 2D videos there are different player options.

Many use Scriptplayer for 2D and Heresphere for VR.
Other options for VR are Whirligig or DeoVR. The latter is integrated with the VR site SLR. However, there are more players, especially if you use multi axis devices.

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Or VLC + Multifunplayer also works fine for 2D.