Openfunscripter gradual waveforms

Hello! I am using the online version of the openfunscripter.
I am doing funscripts for estim and vibrating toys and use them on the xtoys website.
I am searching basically for the opposite function of the “Simplify (Ramer-Douglas-Peucker)-special function”. So instead of reducing the points in the wave, I want to add additional points automatically inside of the wave.
So I don’t want my toy to go from 0 - 100% immidiately, but gradually.
These here are the waveforms I would like to get.

But I get hard steps like those:

Thank you for your help! :sparkling_heart:

For anyone that worked on lighting dimming systems, ti\his is very similar to having different profiles for dimming your light fixture. Linear, Modified Square, gamma and logarithmic. I think having that ability to change the curve of the top and bottom, as well as being able to do custom curves or course. I would be most interested in coming up those types of curves and being able to simply click on a point or series of points and apply the type of curve. Being screen accurate is important, of course, but let’s face it, everyone is doing this because of the sensation, so sometimes having interesting movements outweigh the actual travel distance of the device itself.What are Dimming Curves and How to Choose? | MOONS' SPARK

Does this help? Generate a wave, then add points to it.

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THank you! I was hoping that there was maybe a simple function for that just in the OFS that I didn’t see.

Except verticaly you still would need to assign them. That script realy just relies on adding points and then alternatives it between up and down.

I dont know if someone already made a script to generate a curve motion. But if there isnt, i might look into it.

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Also, if you are not scripting to the movement, if you know how to use a spreadsheet with formulas it is a very easy way to generate interesting/complicated funscripts very quickly.

You generate the numbers in a spreadsheet, export a csv file, use the link below to get a funscript.

If you want you can also take an existing funscript, then run it through the converter, then open as a spreadsheet, modify, export csv, convert back to funscript.

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And i made a plugin that hopefully can be helpful to you:




this lloks great. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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