Opinions on best current handy sleeve

i need to order a new sleeve, ive always stuck with the original sleeve that came with the handy but that AND the 2nd gen sleeve are out of stock right now so i would like to hear your opinions on which is the best to give a try,

not the open ended ones though, way too messy for my liking

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I have the Original, Gen 2, Lips (blowjob), and Chrysm (Anal). Of the two that are available, I enjoy both of them. Neither of them are open-ended.

However, the description for the Chrysm states that the sleeve has a way to push out air. Unless my item is defective, that means there’s a small hole near the top where all of the lube constantly goops out of. That really keeps me from using it as much as I’d like to.

Nope, That’s by design. I actually contacted support to verify that mine wasn’t defective. It makes a huge mess & a fair amount of noise. Also it just isn’t that great of a sleeve to begin with imo.

But to answer the original post, for closed sleeves. I wouldn’t recommend Chrysm (for the reasons stated above), But Lips & Lotus are very good. Lotus is my favorite, but a lot of people find it under-stimulating. Lips is a lot more “exciting”. Can’t speak on the Gen 2 sleeve as that’s the only Handy sleeve I haven’t tried.

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The Gen1 and Gen2 appear to be in stock for the US store.

Gen1 available on US Amazon:

Got a few Onaholes to recommend if you have the budget buying them from Japan :slight_smile:

The hole is on the side of the “head” portion–maybe 1 inch/2 cm down from the closed end. Frankly, I didnt feel like it expelled any air, so I added another small hole at the top end.
I think its a shitty design as it stands regardless of hole. The “anal tightness” requires quite a bit of pressure to get past. That pressure is equally applied against the band because its so hard to get your dick all the way inside. Unfortunately, they added those additional nubs to the outside which significantly reduce the effectiveness of the top and bottom band-retention ridges. So the sleeve has a tendency to slip out of the band (original, PRO, and aftermarket bands). If you tighten the band, the interior gets even tighter and harder to get through–caused me some chafing.

While i havent tested the chrysm, i can compare the lotus/lips/gen2 enough. And have a potential solution for the chrysm that i use for the lotus (condom over its end to catch any leak).

To me the one closest to the gen2 sleeve is the lips. Half of the sleeve is basicly just a similar design, and its tip is closer to the lotus. The lotus design is tight (VERY tight). And this does has a downside: pressure.

Both the lips and lotus require air to be squeezed out. From my experience due to the short section the lips makes this easier to achieve, and especialy its wide entry means that you can easily push your cock in to keep the air out.

The lotus is more likely to push you back out, forcing you to reset that process. It was that bad i decided to cut into the tip to allow air to be pushed out. And i was carefull enough to not make it deep enough so it would let air in. As a bonus effect, i manageed to get it to even not allow fluids through. This made the lotus a very intense sleeve and convenient enough to use.

But its slight gap is still a downside, as even if it wouldnt leak, i would assume in my setup that it does (so i put something over it to cover it, so if it leaks, can only drop down from the sleeve onto the strap - cleaning the strap isnt a lot of work to me).
I think the chrysm could have a similar issue, but i dont have that one yet.

Another thing: you can strap a condom over an open ended sleeve and make that act as a closed ended one. Its how i use quickshots (which due to having indents to keep it well placed in its casing, provides a strong gripping point for the condom rim).
Open ended has 1 benefit: it gives a far better positional feeling. But yeah, this comes at a cost of condoms (if you normaly use a size 53 condom, you generaly want to be 2 sizes above it, so in this case 60. it gives enough room for the sleeve, while being tight enough - and it stretches anyway). It is potentialy worth to consider if you have quickshots.

But in short: my order of favs are: lips (gen2 with texture change), gen2, lotus (modified), quickshot, pearl (which is too long to realy benefit from its open end).

I think we all know that sleeve preference is extremely subjective. The best recommendations would be for something that nearly replicates the Gen1/Gen2 experience–since you already like those. I think the closest closed sleeves to that would be Lotus or Lips.

yeah im very much leaning towards a purchase of the lips, have to mention though i have never used the gen 2, i have actually only used the original sleeve this whole time, just when i thought its time to experiment i couldnt get gen2 sleeve anywhere, and being in the uk ordering from the handy.com is a very expensive problem, its like an extra 20 pound for shipping and vat and whatever, so amazon is the cheaper bet but non available right now so i think i’ll chance the lips sleeve

now that is certanly some advice to store away for the future :slight_smile: ive had my eye on the one called TOUCH, i think, its the one that is supposed to feel like a hand

Some additional notes for that method though:

The strap itself should not be going over the condom. Even though it might feel secure, as lube will leak onto it, the condom will eventualy cause the sleeve to slide if the condom was gripped by the strap itself. The strap needs to have direct contact with the sleeve.
The strap type doesnt realy matter here, both work fine (the new strap is the one i prefer, but thats for other reasons)

Ensure that the condom gives enough space for your dick, there should be no resistance (touching is fine though, you dont want to have a too long end piece as that might be flapping around). If no room is given, you might push the condom out of its position (if that happens you can unroll it a bit further though and strap it over again, but by that time some lube will have leaked…

Even if its only a small portion of the sleeve it is strapped over, as long as there is a strong gripping point (a clear edge) the rim of the condom due to being less stretchable will provide enough force to not be pushed away. Especialy when your dick isnt pushing, it barely even needs any force to stay in place.

A condom has no perfect seal, it has a chance of fluids leaking out of it. After all the sleeve is soft and the gripping point might not always be perfect. This mostly depends on condom size though, the tighter it is, the less chance. But too tight will interact with the sleeve itself. This is something you only will know through testing. For this a size testing box for condoms could help (ie. a box with sizes 53,57,60 - as 53 is the average, and you generaly want a size bigger to give the sleeve some room).
And if anything is leaking, instead of splashing it around, the sleeve usualy soaks it up. It might then get sticky and require some washing. But thats something i would recommend doing occasionaly with closed sleeves anyway.

From my experience, i only had a leak once, and that was because after the cumshot i did let it go on for a while. This was at least for 10mins and only made the strap feel a little bit wet. I just rinsed it once with tap water and it never got sticky. If you are realy worried, just have 2 straps so if 1 does get dirty you can clean it and have it dry properly and just use the other strap in the meantime.

Also, any short open ended sleeve feels a lot like a hand because of the short length. A hand usualy gives a very clear stroke position. But other than that, no sleeve will truly feel like a hand, the material just doesnt feel the same as a skin. But it doesnt matter that much anyway, as long as the sleeve itself feels good, it surely does the job. But the feeling of an open ended sleeve differs that much from a closed end one, its realy worth trying.

I really like my truegrip gen2 so I’d wait for those to come back in stock. I heard the lips and lotus are tighter than the Gen2 so I’m staying away from those.

What I would really like is an XL version of the gen 2 sleeve. Same texture and closed design as the Truegrip gen2 but 18-20cm with a slightly wider circumference.

The bottom section of the lips isnt tighter, only its top part is.

But just like you im still waiting until the gen2 sleeves are back (i would at least have expected those to be in stock/possible to order during the black friday sale).

ive taken the plunge and gone for the lips sleeve seeing as the gen2 isnt available, so hopefully its a good time :slight_smile: will be grabbing a gen2 when its available though

The Lips is one of my favorites. I wrote a review here: Handy sleeve alternatives - #273 by fuccaneer

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A local shop started selling the a few handy sleeves. This reviewer also really liked the lips so I had to buy one :slight_smile:

This guy also did a great review of the Pearl sleeve. Now I also want a closed longer version of the Pearl and Coral style sleeve. They could call it the “Zweihander”. Please make it happen Handy.

Which ones would you recommend using for the handy? I’ve been looking to get one or a few, but not sure which can be used by the handy. Thanks.

Anything that’s 400 gram and below and have a cylindrical shape.
The MIL MIX series for example is very good.

Is there a reputable vendor that you would recommend? Big fan btw, keep up the great work!

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I would love to.