OSR2 - Brand New - Located EU - 80€+Shipping or Trade

I printed an OSR2 completely finished. Servos, board and screws, power supply are also included. I don’t have time to finish it and use it at the moment.
So brand new and completely build.

Shipping from germany. So maybe expensive for non europe members.


Or Trade, looking for old coins and automatic watches.

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ouch, just bought the handy literally right before you’ve posted this ad. :sweat_smile: Not that I don’t like, but for this price and convenience you offer, I would have chose your OSR2 for sure. Well, at least I helped to bump your topic. :smile:


I need one to test scripts! I’ll message you.

HentaiHaven passes, so its still available…

hi is it still up for sale

Still up for SALE

still for sale?

Hi, its still for sale. Sorry for late Response. I am Not so often in this Plattform.


I’ve sent you a DM.


Price Update :smile: