OSR2+ iLube question

So Ive had a new problem pop up, was wondering if anyone else has this issue. Sometimes (not every time) when I press the lube button the twist gear servo (parallax 4 wire servo) just fires up and rotates, not always the same amount, sometimes just a few degrees sometimes all the way around. I am wondering if this is the iLube motor feeding back into the circuit or is the parallax motor looking for zero? thanks in advance

I also just noticed that if i move any of the servos manually with no power on the fan starts to run as if power was there, this makes me think there is some sort of feedback getting into the circuit and I should use some diodes to prevent this

I’ve had the same issue. In https://trymosa.netlify.app/ there is some sort of very small ‘hitch’ that has started in any of the modes.

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