OSR2+ package

I would like to ask about OSR2+ All The Way. Is the equipment supplied with a table mount now, or do you need to buy 2 M6 bolts with a thickness of 60 mm plus the thickness of the table, 2 M6 nuts, 2 M6 wing nuts.
Does the device come fully assembled?

100% completely depends on the seller, I made my own so as such I had to source and 3d print all parts.

Ask the seller you plan to buy from.

If it’s yourhobbiescustomized.com how about you try reading the site and “Contact Us” page

Кто нибудь заказывал у продавца Mosaic. Нужно ли, что-то докупать ?

по английски пожалуйста

please read - use google translate if needed.

Shipping not available

Your order cannot be shipped to the selected address. Enter a different address.

Why is it not delivered to my address?

@M0SAIC - @Royal_Kir has questions but I’m guessing Russian is their first language. can you ship to Russia?

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