OSR2 Troubleshooting, not moving

Lemme prefix this by saying im using an arduino uno, so that might be the problem. but whenever i power on the OSR, it homes to the neutral position and nothing else. ive ran MFP, with no movement.

pls help kthanks

Are you connecting to your PC via cable or wifi? As when you connect to it via MFP the device should do a little jerk (same with plugging the cable in). If cable then attempt to connect via all the COM ports that show up on MFP. If none of those COM ports result in movement and don’t change when you unplug the cable from your PC then my guess is the cable or the USB port (so maybe try putting the cable into a different USB port if you haven’t)…if still not then I do have the same concern as yourself with it being the board then.
Afraid I have no experience with wifi connection so can’t help if it’s that.

Does sound similar to this topic which I see that you’ve spotted and commented on. Osr2+ not moving when running scripts

Mhm, checked this one out before posting mine.
im using a cable, and theres no jittering at all, its just locked.
yesterday i tried running scripts and at most i got was a small jitter.

Oh…there was movement then? Hm I would check the wire connections on the board and the firmware to see if something’s gone wrong with one of those since it sounds like it’s getting signals and it’s maybe sending them onwards to the servos either really small or something else…

Oh and uh have you made sure that the power supply your using is enough for it? I’ve heard of cases where some people need 80w.

the current power im using for it is plenty i think, although everything is sorta macgyvered together. i don’t think its a hardware issue, probably something up with the code im running. im using the arduino uno script tempest put on his patreon.

Check if the + cables touch something on the board where soldered, had this with the SSR1.

dont think thats it, everythings hooked up where it should be