OWL3D have you guys tried this?

its a program that lets you convert any 2D video or photo to 3D, ive tried the free version on some crappy videos off my phone and even though its obviously not the best video to test on its still 3D, and the photos look great too, im just wondering if you guys have tried this? any thoughts or good settings reccomendations?


I’ve been using it and making 3D conversions with it for the last month or so. You can find them on this site.

It works GREAT, by the way.

I used a bit and its pretty rad.

I’ve also been keeping an eye on it since the developer said 2D to VR180 is on the roadmap and I’m very curious how that’s gonna look.

Isnt VR180 side by side? Or top bottom? Because you can do that now :thinking:

I wish. VR180 or VR360 vastly different than the depth 3D that Owl3D currently does.

yeah i see what you mean now lol so this is a feature thats coming? how on earth will they manage that one :thinking:

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