Passthrough with Quest 2 and PC with the Handy

Just got the Handy a few days ago. I am currently using my Quest 2 to stream videos via Air Link from SLR and Czech VR playing on my desktop. The Handy functionality is perfect in this mode.

However, I can only use passthrough videos if i’m using Deo VR on the Quest 2 but in that use case do not have the Handy connectivity.

Is there anyway to use the Quest 2, the Handy and have passthrough functionality either connected to the Quest 2 or some workaround with the PC streaming?

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Haven’t I answered you through SLR support about this? Sounds exactly like something I saw recently.

Handy support is built in the DeoVR app. You must be logged in to your SLR account to see the settings for interactive. You also need to purchase a script, or a script suscription.

Hi does it work with the SLR App maybe? It’s the same as Deo VR just with Handy integration.

Can you tell me if passthrough works fine on the quest 2? I have one as well but i guess your surrounding will be only black & white? so its basically not realistic?

Yup, I just fiddled with it a little longer and found out that I can connect as long as Handy is connected via WiFi. Don’t need to stream via PC at all for passthrough and Handy integration. Thanks!

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I figured it out. You just need the Quest 2 and Handy hooked up to the same WiFi connection. DeoVR in settings there’s a way to enter the The Handys code to sync.

Passthrough on Quest 2 isn’t very realistic but in the heat of the moment it does add a sort of immersion for me personally. I’d try it out at the very least and some videos and positions work better than others.

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