Patreon for upscale and 3D conversion morality?

I just want to get a feel from the community on this. I would like to start a tiered Patreon account. Tier 1 would be for early release AI upscaled videos with a personally made script. Tier 2 would grant early access for the AI upscaled stereoscopic videos with the personally made script.

And then after a short time have a public mega link posted on here to grant free access to all.

I know that that’s not an issue for the script, but for the videos it is basically like making money off of someone else’s work? I’m dedicating resources to upscale, store, back up the entire upscaled and converted libraries, and funding the top tier mega account to allow for the library to be shareable. But I’m conflicted. So I’d like to hear what creators think about this?

I’m hoping I could become someone who creators send their content to for the conversions ahead of time so when they post it’s already upscaled and what not. And then their video can just be shared from my library. Thus making it sort of a community library that’s funded through Patreon by the scripts and conversions.

I just don’t want to step on any toes.

You can charge for the script since its an original product that supplements the original video.

You can’t charge for the videos(even if you did some work on it) without hitting a legal and moral grayzone.

If the original owners come after you, they’d have a legal and moral right to do so since your product more or less supplants theirs by being a ‘better’ version.
Most of us are getting videos by various means and we don’t say the quiet part out loud. But unless you’re directly linking to the original source, you’re always gonna be in the moral and legal grayzone.

Theoretically, you can basically do what you want until someone files a dmca or a takedown.

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That’s what I thought! I just wanted to make sure. I’ll include mega links for upscaled and converted vids in combination with the link to the OG. Only the scripts would be behind the paywall for early release. Then free shortly after.

Thank you for weighing in on this!

It’s not a grayzone at all, except if you have the creator express consent, sharing upscaled videos is the same as sharing pirated content, it’s illegal. I don’t think your Patreon will stay up long if you do that.
Tbh even if you have their consent, I don’t think that will fly on Patreon as they refuse pornographic content AFAIK.

I have also be upscaling a lot of my favorite videos recently, to 4K for my TV. And I have been wondering the best way of sharing. Im not going crazy detailed with them as they already take about a day per video so artifacts are present and they are usually between 5-10gb per video. I would also want to share them with the script but that’s also not mine. I have about 40 done like this almost all CH or similar. Is there anyway to share them without stepping on other peoples feet?

Are you using Stream to 3D?

Well I’ve noticed that people don’t share the upscaled version on the patreon. They usually just include a link to the OG video and the script is early access. But when the scripts gets posted on here for free, they usually include a link to the OG and a mega link with the video and the upscaled one too. So the script’s early access is the only thing being paid for.

Would going about that still be wrong? If the link to the OG is included on the free public post and an upscaled link is also provided?

I’m going to be upscaling everything and converting it all to stereoscopic 3d anyway for myself. Just trying to figure out what can be monetized and not. And it sounds like only the scripts can. Which is totally fine. This is what I assumed. I just wanted to double check. I really don’t want to step on any creator’s toes. I only want to add enjoyment to the great videos that they make.

Right now I’m using waifu2x to upscale and I’m experimenting with different programs for the stereoscopic conversion. The main one I’ve been using tops out at 1080p. But I’m looking for one that can do well at 4k.

I think that the videos like what rawsource makes would look fantastic in 4k and 3D. VR headsets view in 4k per eye, so it would be ideal over a 1080p conversion.

I’d definitely check out Stream-to-3D. It just launched last week and it can do some crazy stuff.