Photo Gallery Slideshow App Idea

I have a large collection (> 8000) of photos I downloaded from Tumblr and over the years. I use PerfectViewer on an Android tablet to view them as a slideshow while using the Handy in manual mode. PerfectViewer allows me to set the time between images in milliseconds so I can get it to sync with the Handy stroke, but only at one speed. It would be nice to have some variety.

My idea for an app (or browser script) is to be able to specify a source folder of images and a funscript, and the app would display a new image with each stroke. There would be multiple options (play images in sequence or randomly, how many strokes between pictures, minimum time between images, etc). Or the app could generate random patterns.

Can someone with experience tell me how much effort this might take? I am a programmer, but have never done app development before. If anyone would like to collaborate on it, let me know.

Hi, friend. could you share your photo collection. mega or torrent in PM