Pico 4 Local Player with Handy?

I just got myself a Pico 4 and i can’t seem to find a way to play my local files that i host on a stash/XBVR server to play and also use my handy at the same time. Stash has handy support but i haven’t found a way to access it on my headset that works properly. Heresphere unfortunately isn’t out yet on the Pico 4 which would have been my go too. Any apps i might have missed that would work in my case?

I think DeoVR might be available for Pico 4 but only for DLNA, not SMB

It is but as far as i can read they removed dlna support for some reason

On Oculus they hid the DLNA feature under a settings toggle somewhere. See if there is a way to enable it in the settings. Unless they have different functionality, my DeoVR has DLNA support as of last night.

Do you where that setting was? I have looked through the settings over and over again… Also how do you connect the handy without having an SLR membership?

Can’t find the setting anymore they must have changed that. There is nothing when you click on the folder at the bottom? For the Handy you cant without a membership. Thought you could but I logged out of mine to check and it disables Handy access you’re right.

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