Planning New MLP PMV - Which Song?

Hiya! As some may know I’ve done a few MLP Anthro PMV’s before:

[HMV][MLP] Hooves-Art Loops #4 - Werewolves vs Equestria - Scripts / Free Scripts - EroScripts

[HMV][MLP] Hooves-Art Loops #5 - Spike WANT! - Scripts / Free Scripts - EroScripts

[HMV][MLP] Hooves-Art Loops #6 - Save a Horse - Scripts / Free Scripts - EroScripts

I planning on doing another MLP based PMV using RealVinyl’s animations but I’m not sure on which song I’d prefer to use.

I’ve got two options so seeing what people would rather see/hear/fap to. Please vote and I’ll probably check over the weekend what people seem to prefer.

  • “Blurred Lines” - Robin Thicke (120 BPM)
  • “Love Shack” - The B-52’s (134 BPM)

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Guess Love Shack takes it!

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