Poll - Favorite VR studios

I’m curious about what VR studios are the most popular where you want scripts the most.

Polls can only have 20 options so I had to limit the list a lot. I had about 60 options at first.

  • All small or inactive studios didn’t make the list of course.

  • Studios that focus on solo content are also excluded (e.g. WankItNowVR, StasyQVR, StripzVR, VRAllure, …)

  • Studios that focus on niche content were also down prioritized e.g., KinkVR. JVR was almost going into the list as a general category, but I decided to keep NaughtyAmericaVR instead (see next bullet).

  • Studios that provide quality scripts (free or paid) are not listed. This includes studios like SLR Originals, VREdging (Realcumber seems to script most) and the various CzechVR sites. I didn’t remove NaughtyAmericaVR because there has been a lot of debate lately regarding the quality of the scripts. Don’t select the NaughtyAmericaVR option if you already are satisfied with the provided scripts.

  • The result should be what I believe are the major studios that are among the most popular or that have been around a long time.

At the bottom there is a “Studio not listed” option. If you feel that you have a favorite studio that didn’t make it to the list then select this option and post a comment about which studio. Maybe there are lots of people that also think that particular studio is missing.

Which studios are your favorites, i.e. the ones you watch the most and want scripts for the most? Select up to 5 studios.
  • 18VR
  • BadoinkVR
  • DarkRoomVR
  • LethalHardcoreVR
  • MilfVR
  • NaughtyAmericaVR - TonightsGirlfriendVR
  • POVR Originals
  • RealJamVR
  • SexBabesVR
  • SwallowBay
  • TmwVRnet
  • VirtualRealPorn
  • VirtualTaboo
  • VRbangers
  • VRconk
  • VRcosplayX
  • VRhush
  • VRLatina
  • WankzVR
  • Studio not listed - post a comment if you select this

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There are tons of Japanese studios as well, and their stuff can be very creative, despite being censored.
Also, xVirtual deserves a shout out.

It’s unfortunate how many VR studios just do vanilla stuff when VR is essentially about experiencing something that you can’t experience normally. Studios, give us more fantastical scenarios!

Hard to answer whats my favorite vr studios because theres american studios that have imo the hottest girls (wankzvr, badoinkvr, vrbangers, naughtyamericavr…) and there are the foreign studios that have the best camera work/scale/immersion (18vr, czechvr, virtualrealporn, sexbabesvr…)

wish the american studios would film like the foreign studios do or that american girls would perform more on the international studios


Not sure if it’s right to call this as a ‘studio’, but there is a person who makes cgi videos into VR format.

Called ‘Hentai VR’

Yeah I agree with Jojo about the camera setups. Wankz seems to be the best american one for me at least. Most of them seem to be fairly terrible. If you’re fairly tall it’s almost impossible to get a lot of the scenes to look realistic without warping them heavily.

Really wish Badoink would reduce the sharpening on their vids too. At least I assume that’s the issue.

I’d take american for the girls, euro for the cameras and jav for the scenarios lol.

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wankz milfVR and povr are the same network you could’ve made one option for them (as you did with NAVR) and added
JAVs or something else.

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JAV would definitely be in my top. Looking at my library on R18, I’d say S1 VR is my favorite.


NaughtyAmericaVR - Group. like Dressingroom ore somthing.
What i olso miss, is latex/ lingerie stuff like “Only3X - Sexy Boss Honey Demon” ore “CzechVR - Angel Wicky”.
But has nothing to do with scripting but with the studios that don’t do much with it

Thanks all who voted. I think the trend is rather clear at this point.
I’ll leave the poll open in case some more would like to give their vote.

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Slightly OT but I’d rather a studio released zero scripts instead of flawed or broken ones (or tied to some weird rental business model, ugh!). It really muddies the water when scripts are out there but not great, and generally prevents good scripts being created. Thanks to all the scripters here for your service.

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CzechVR is extremely popular, but not on this list. It’s my favorite as far as quality goes.

No, because they provide scripts already as I stated in the original post. There is no point for people to script CzechVR videos for that reason.

You’re expecting me to read??! What gall! :wink:

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NaughtyAmerica used to be my favorite, but they messed that up by keep repeating group thing. There is always that pornstar in the scene that ruins it for me. They did a scene with a Tommy King and Lydia Black. Should have just done it with Tommy King on her own without Lydia Black. When they get it right, is on point. Like that Gym scene with Abella Danger and Mandy Muse.

Right now, is hard to say which is my favorite, but if NaughtyAmerica goes back to one on one like in the old days, it would be my favorite again. Releasing group scene twice a week is getting annoying.,


The poll is a great idea. Also interesting to see the results. I am definitely not on the majority. ^^°
Let’s say if vrcosplayx would finally decide to publish quality scripts, I’d even buy them.

The community does quite a good job scripting those though. I believe there are about 80 VRCosplayX scripts available. A third are probably paid variants. I don’t know if all are still available since several were released pre-ES, RS and SLR.