PornHub has announced that they will start verifying all uploaders soon, and EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY all downloading is stopped. They will no longer be good for us to use as a source for our scripted videos. We will have be exclusively on sites such as MEGA and others.


Do you have a link to that announcement?

I imagine videos that are from the studio won’t be effected, It is just a measure to stop pirating and revenge porn, as well as things like the underage videos that were posted earlier this year.

Or it just means another tube website will replace it. Pirates will always find a way I am sure…

also JDownloader seems to still work. For now.


Downloader sites like TubeOffline still work.

Programs do too, apparantly.

They just removed the option to download directly from their site.

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Thanks for the link! I don’t see any problems in there. Normal download is just blocked for non verified users. Besides that, there are a enough download helpers to bypass this issue.

I am not an expert, but I don’t think there is a way to stop the downloading with any download helper app / addon.

So they only disabled the option for a direct download, besides partners / models. Btw, the prices, that these models demand, are downright ridiculous sometimes.

Everything should go on as normal.

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It is a measure they taken because both Visa and Mastercard recently blocked Pornhub due to the things mentioned in the quote. So basically it’s more of financial reasons rather than being good I think.


I have used in the past to get the downloads from pornhub. Looks like that might be the default method for now.


youtube-dl will probably continue to be updated and work on the site, so we’ll be fine

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Just get a free membership at empornium. Pretty much every video ever made there. I don’t download from pornhub because usually the quality sucks. Typically in empornium for VR videos especially they have multiple qualities to choose from.

How do you get invited to empornium? i keep hearing of it as it’s some elusive website

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As far as I’m aware you just go register but maybe they are private now and I’m not aware ?

It’s one of those technical arms race things where downloaders have the home field advantage. Because ultimately for you to view the video, there must be a way for your browser to get the video from the server. From there, they can try to make it only work in web browsers, but that usually doesn’t last if the download tool developers care about supporting the site.

But I’ll be surprised if pornhub even tries.

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Savido is good for videos less than 20min and 1080p or below

The issue for me is HMV’s typically source from PH from the script creators.

There is still the possibility to download them, just not directly.

If you are a creator using PH as a source for the video I hope you are willing to host the video on Mega or somewhere when it is taken down.
Your work will die an early death if you don’t.

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I’d also be interested in getting invited. I have access to pornbay but they’re kind of small.

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Not sure if it’s linked to the no downloading thing but a huge amount of content has suddenly disappeared from PH for me or is no longer available in my country (UK). Any ideas?