🐺 Pornhub Free Premium videos suggestions to script? Phase 2/2

The 2nd part of: [Closed] 🐺 Pornhub Free Premium videos suggestions to script? Phase 1/2

Here are the 3 videos from comments that got the most likes in the topic linked above. Vote which one will be scripted :slight_smile:

Let me know if this type of contest was something you enjoyed or maybe you have suggestions on what could be changed/improved.


Great contest buddy!!!

Suggestion ???

Would you consider allowing members at random selection via you … to propose / nominate video for scripting… obv comply with scripter’s rules / guidelines / tolerance / and required details / links

So basically you choose a member’s nomination to be one of the 3 videos community would vote for ?

I thought it was a good/fun contest idea as the suggestions had a limited (if large) pool to come from. Thanks as always for doing stuff like this and obviously thanks for making the scripts :slight_smile: .

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And the winner is: MyFamilyPies - Jewelz Blu - Step Sis Says “Come on, I wanna fool around. I wanna see your dick”

I will try to make it asap.

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So I choose a user and the user picks up the video? I’m not sure how I feel about it, I did something similar once on realtouchscripts and some winners never responded with the picked scene. I will think about it next time.

Great, I’m glad my proposal won. But I hope that someday the rest will be written, they are also quite good.

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