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Newbie here. I’m building an OSR2. Linux user, I’m wandering how can I play the pornhub videos marked as interactive. For some reason I don’t think the recommended “Feel Connect” app will work.

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What I did at one point was rip the .json File directly from the video with this Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey script.

Script link: Greasemonkey / Tamper Monkey script for Porn Hub » Some Dodgy Blog

Depending on the browser you use it’ll have a different name, Tampermonkey for chrome, Greasemonkey for firefox. All you have to do is copy and paste the script from that link into a new script, go to the video, and an option to download the .json file should be there.
Once you have the .Json file you may have to convert it into a .funscript file. For that I used the program ScriptPlayer, opened the script tab up top, save as, and save it as a funscript. It’s a little janky to do with a ton of steps honestly.

Sorry for the Essay LMAO

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Personally, I would just use the funscript files from this website, much better quality and more effort was put into them, not to mention some of the pornhub ones are blank too. for the OSR2 you’re probably going to have to use XtPlayer or MultiFun Player to play videos and scripts.

Thank you! I was thinking the process is less convoluted, anyway - good suggestion to use the funscript files from this website. I’ve installed XtPlayer - seems to be working on Linux - let’s see if communicates properly with the OSR2 I’m building.

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Flashing isn’t as daunting as people say it is, Romeo is easy, but I have no experience with flashing it, The ESP32 firmware is easy to flash, and Khrull has firmware and instructions bundled with every update.

when i load this script PH treats it as an adblocker and hides the video…

Damn, it seems like they may have patched it out. Not exactly sure how to get these files anymore. you aren’t missing too much honestly, they didn’t sync up well through the app, or even in a player

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