POVR CMSscript download

Anybody have experience with these? I downloaded 1 and it’s only 1kb and not actually a script. I got excited at first cause even an AI script can be helpful if I tweak it.

What’s up with POVR script download option?

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If you know how to download those scripts please let me know, would love to get to use them as well.

I sub and still don’t get why they don’t allow that.

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There was much blowing up of this subject on their discussion forum. One of the replies given by Staff Trevor, is that downloadable funscripts were not going to be a thing on the current system, whitch is built around streaming. The only solution was a downloadable key to link to the script, which connects to their streaming interface.
Apologies for the lack of screenshot. Also, apologies for not being more concise, I don’t have the tech savvy to be more precise.

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Screenshot 2023-11-10 104438

That download icon is what I was referring to.

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If this work anything like the handy, it is just a token, allowing you access to stream funscript online.

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I was just looking for a download option the other day, if you find this out PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

It’s not a real download. 1kb file that gets used on another site which then streams the script. I was so damn hyped, dammit.

I get you. It may be one of the reasons that POVR?Wankzvr/MilfVR have had relatively few scripts made since announcing an upcoming download option. Creators being under the impression that it wouldn’t be worth scripting because of it. Its quite a faff, too. Just adds extra steps to play a funscript.