POVR + Handy

Did I just waste money on a year sub to POVR?

It seems the only way the Handy works with this site is through browser (non api) vr with terrible resolution.

Anyone have any luck getting it to work with Heresphere? It was touchy with the Keon but sometimes worked.

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I’m in the same boat. POVR is one of the worst sites when it comes to using their hosted scripts.

So it works for me in Heresphere, but not only is there a constant delay, sometimes it just doesn’t work or videos won’t load. It’s the most finicky interactive site I’ve used, I’ve subbed to it like three separate times cause I keep wanting to give it a chance but I keep falling for it lol

You not only have to first go to the interactive section on the non-api browser, click on a video, connect your Handy and it should say “Connected” in the bottom right, THEN you can use the API version

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It does work with heresphere in the API but it does take time to set it up and connect. It’s also difficult to browse in the app if you dont know exactly what youre looking for. The script quality is hit or miss as well. Until they figure their shit out i just download videos individually from there and find a script here i like or you can use the IVDB and download them onto your heaset.

The only other site i sub to is SLR, and while DeoVr has its problems it is much easier to stream. They have a LOT of videos and while the majority of the scripts are AI i think their quality is good and is getting better.

Yeah, I also sub to SLR and it’s honestly the best script setup.

Still have no luck getting the Handy going. One time it did seem to start working but then the video errored trying to skip ahead.

I ended up setting up xbvr locally after dealing with issues like these. Not every script is available for download unfortunately, but there are enough out there to make it worthwhile I think.

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