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POVR subscription thoughts

POVR subscription thoughts??

I have a subscription to SLR, but curious to hear thoughts and feedback from folks with a POVR sub. Worth it? Thoughts vs SLR etc. TY!

With exception of POVR, WankzVR, MIlfVR and BrasilVR studio content, I think a lot of the videos are also found on SLR.

Some site exclusive studios:

  • SLR: SLR Originals, VR Bangers, SexBabesVR, VRedging, VRConk, lots of JAV and amateur content

  • POVR: POVR Originals, WankzVR, MilfVR, BrasilVR

You can get SLR sub with discounts at $29.99 per month (or $16.67 per month when buying annual). You can pay extra for access to all their scripts.

You can get POVR sub with discounts at $12.50 per month (same for annual).

In my opinion it really depends what you want to watch, for how long you want to have subscription and how much money you want to spend.

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You can actually get SLR for $19.99 for the monthly option by using promo codes “OCULUSNSFW” or “FREEVR” Both of these will give you the sub for $19.99, I have been using it for like a year now and it has not gotten changed. The only catch is that it only works for new accounts so you can only use it once per account.


I have SLR annual currently. VR cosplay is part of POVR too right? that interests me. Does POVR have scripts like SLR does?

No VRCosplayX is apart of the BadoinkVR network. POVR does have some scripts for older WankzVR/MilfVR videos, but they are streaming only through an app. However there is this post on here where someone converted all those scripts to downloadable funscripts for free.


Thanks for the script info. VRCosplay shows up on POVRs studio list

IMHO it’s worth having a permanent sub to SLR and CVR if you’re into scripts, and occasional subs to POVR network and NA for their more sporadically awesome scenes.


There is a premium switch button on the left side. When you switch it it will show you what videos are actually avaliable. Not the smartest idea to put trailers for most VR sites by default as it is very misleading.

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Ahhhh, well that’s extremely deceptive of POVR smh. Thanks for pointing that out. Seemed too good to be true lol