POVR + The Handy

Does anyone know of a way to download the fun scripts used on POVR.com? Right now, it seems locked into using it within a web browser, but there is a delay, and the overall experience is sub-par compared to DeoVR. Maybe there is a way to pull the script from the Handy once it’s loaded? IDK, any help or insight would be appreciated - the scripts seem fairly reasonable, if not pretty good, minus the experience factor of being browser-based…


So POVR is using a service called ConnectAndControl.Me that uses AI to autoscript (doing a pretty good job btw) - but uses a proprietary java applet to connect to the handy…so there’s a bit more info for anyone interested in this.

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Well shit, I wish I had done some research first. Their implementation is absolute shit. Looks like you need to stream from a web browser only and in limited resolution (1920 max!). My dumb ass bought the year sub.