POVR + The Handy

Does anyone know of a way to download the fun scripts used on POVR.com? Right now, it seems locked into using it within a web browser, but there is a delay, and the overall experience is sub-par compared to DeoVR. Maybe there is a way to pull the script from the Handy once it’s loaded? IDK, any help or insight would be appreciated - the scripts seem fairly reasonable, if not pretty good, minus the experience factor of being browser-based…


So POVR is using a service called ConnectAndControl.Me that uses AI to autoscript (doing a pretty good job btw) - but uses a proprietary java applet to connect to the handy…so there’s a bit more info for anyone interested in this.

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Well shit, I wish I had done some research first. Their implementation is absolute shit. Looks like you need to stream from a web browser only and in limited resolution (1920 max!). My dumb ass bought the year sub.

Yeahs its super limited and proprietary. That being said, check out IVDBV.io. They use script tokens - which you can download and use just like scripts, but it is linked to your device and the script is streamed. They have a good selection of free content, which is great if you have a sub to any of the VR videos they host.

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